Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 7 March 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 7 March 2020, In tonight’s episode of Nearly Successful Ending, Azizi is seen singing the praises of Nachiket in front of Apa and Sai. She tells Appa that because of Nachiket, they were able to overcome such a huge problem. Sai and Appa get irritated when they hear that. Appa confronts Ajji and tells her that Nachit is a selfish and characterless person. Apaji found Appa impossible and refused to argue with him.

Shortly afterwards, Richa calls Sai and asks if she wants to go for a movie. Sai refuses to go first, but when Richa tells her that Nachiket won’t come with him for the film, Sai is happy to go with her. Later, Nachiket learned that Sai had gone for a movie. This makes it unsafe. He immediately runs to Sai’s place and asks Ajila why she left her granddaughter for the movie. Ajji tells him that Sai had gone with her childhood friends. This added to the insecurity of Nachiket.

Later, he calls Richa and discovers that a friend of Sai’s name, Om, had been crushing her for a long time and had always wanted to go on a date with her. Richa tells Nachiket that he has now had a breakup with Sai. So she can date other kids.

At night, Nachiket meets Amol and asks Om to tell her to stay away from Sai. Amol asks Nachiket why he is interfering with Sai’s life if he breaks his relationship with Sai. Meanwhile, the idea tells Sai to let Nachiket out. This time Sai Khushi agreed to go to Nachiket’s place but Ajji stopped her. Ajiji tells Sai that the outside is too dark and she should stay home. Strangers get pissed at by the idea and instead go to the dance floor.

Upon arriving at Nachiket’s place, Azizi falsely tells him that Sai has moved on and he has decided to end her relationship with her. This concern is unavoidable.

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