Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 8 February 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 8 February 2020, We see the angry Sai running to Nachiket’s house. She tries to find him everywhere. As she was about to leave, she heard a dance tune, ‘I love you, Gabriella.’ When Sai went to investigate the room, she saw a girl hugging her in a dance.

We see that Sai and Richa’s plan works against them. Nachiket learns about his plan and decides to teach him a lesson. He plans to do the same as Sai and Richa did. He’s pretending to send Richa to someone else. The text was about his new friendship to Gabrielle. Richa immediately goes to Sai’s house and tells her about Nachiket’s new friendship and how he spends time with her. Sai calls Nachiket in a fit of rage. As it is said, Nachiket has already told Diggs that whenever he calls Diggs, he should get a call so that when Sai calls Nachiket she will get a busy tone. And the plan works, Sai frequently calls Nachiket and gets a busy tone. The menstrual cycle of feeling restless and helpless.

Sai and Richa rush to find Gabriela and teach her and Nachiketa a lesson that they will remember for a lifetime. Sai is constantly calling Nachiket to find his phone busy. Sai is chitchatting with Diggs at the dance to pretend that he is talking to his new friend Gabriella. Upon arriving home, Diggs tells the news that Nachikat can’t believe it. He informed DIG that Ajji was always on his team and that the next part of the plan would be implemented through him.

Ajji fires the fire well. Ajji tells Sai that she has seen Gabriela with Nachiket. She also tells Sai that Gabriella is gorgeous and prettier than Sai. She’s more modern than Sai, and she’s jealous that Nachiket and Gabriella look great together and share beautiful chemistry. Unable to listen to anything else, Sai left. But so far the damage has been done.

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