Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 9 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 9 January,Upon learning this from Richa, Nachiket arranges a surprise for Sai’s birthday. He takes Sai to the terrace where he decorates the place and brings a cake for her. He tells her to cut the cake and after that they fill each other with a slice. Afterwards, the two share a moment in which Nachiket thanks for the first time on her birthday. The next day, while bringing gifts for Ketchikan dancers, Apa creates an appearance. Appa brings down Nachiket’s bag and throws it outside the house. Then, he confessed to everyone that he had already planned his move.

According to the Hindu astrology calendar, Richa calls Nachiket to say that the next day is Sai’s birthday. Upon hearing this, Nachiket decided to surprise her, trying to translate Sai’s song. He talks to Diggs about it, and later people support that idea. Nachiket suggests that along with Sai, they will be buying gifts for each member of the Ketkar house. Then, Nachiket goes to Sai’s bedroom and wakes her up. He held her mouth to protect her from screaming. Sai was surprised to find Nachiket on her bed at midnight. He confessed to her that she wanted to be the first to wish him a happy birthday.

Nachiket and Sai Ketkar go to the family mattress. There Nachiket has kept all the decorations ready. Sai is astonished by the amazing preparation. She then cuts the birthday cake that Nachiket brought for her. They both share a piece of cake with each other and share a moment. In the meantime, Nachiket indirectly tells Sai how much she enjoys him. After this, he thanked her for cutting the cake for the first time on her birthday.

The next day, the Ketkar family gave sweets and gifts to Sai. All of them are waiting for the dancer in his house. After a while, the dancers join Sai’s family and give him gifts. In the meanwhile, Apa cried out that they would not feed him and left. Everyone is calm at the sudden outbreak of Apapa.

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