Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 8 January 2020

Almost Sufal Sampoorna Today Episode 8 January, Nachiket presents the land documents in the possession of your land. He says that when he started living at Ketakar, he found a family far from home. Everyone appreciates and appreciates Nachiket’s generosity. Meanwhile, Ajji meets Sai lying at her and Nachiket’s house. She confronts him and the latter begins to cry. Then, Ajji says that he would love to see Nachiket as his son-in-law.

Nachiket arranged a special surprise for Sai’s birthday. He decorates the house and brings the cake. Then, he tells Sai to cut the cake and they both feed each other. After this, Nachiket admits that he did this to her delight.

Nachiket is getting upset because he can’t find the meaning behind the song Sai says. He is not able to say the word again. Digs try to help him, but they can’t find a solution together. Meanwhile, at Sai’s house, everyone, including Appa, is in a good mood. He interrogates Nachiket in his own home. Ajay is still astonished at her good deal with husband Nachiket. Nachiket’s family appreciated Nachiketa for all the efforts he had put into it. In the meantime, Nachiket enters and unites everyone. He gives a document of land belonging to the Ketkar family. The land is under Nachiket’s name, but he is planning to transfer it to Appa’s name. Everyone appreciates Nachiket’s generosity. Sai also begins to laugh about the situation, but Nachiket tells her that the Ketkar family has given him a lot.

As Apa verifies whether the property is going through the papers, Ajay recalls how her decision about Nachiket was always right. She scolds the ape for being bad at Nachiket. After that, Appa asked Mr Keskar to explain the land documents. During their conversation, Apa confesses that Nachiket really wants to be a part of her family. Mr Keskar was surprised to see Appa’s changed attitude.

Later, while Ketkar was talking to the wives of the house, Nachiket Sai texted her asking him to come to her house. She lies to her family and goes to Nachiket’s house. In it, Ajji sees her going to her house. When Sai returns, Ajiji confronts her about lying to her family. As Sai starts to cry, Azizi says that Nachiket would like to take her as his son-in-law.

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