Anupama 10 March 2021 Written Update

Anupama 10 March 2021 Written Update, Nandini tells Samar that she is feeling bad for Kavya and wants to meet him but she does not understand how he meets her when she finds out that the problem at Shah’s house starts with her and Kavya. .

Samar asks Nandini to stop accusing himself. He says that he does not know about Kavya but that is certainly not a problem for him. Nandini asks Samar why he is scolding her. Summer says because she is talking badly. Samar tells Nandini that whenever she feels like she comes home.

At the Shah’s house; Why is he upset as Anupama Samar. She asks him not to worry because whenever Nandini comes home, she will feel like it. Samar says that he is not thinking so. He asks that Anupama Kavya cannot live with Nandini.

Anupama asks Samar if his fear is forcing him to think so. Vanraj arrives with Kavya and tells Leela that she is going to make a police complaint against Panda. Hasmukh asks Vanraj to file a complaint so that people can get good lessons like hunters. Leela asks Vanraj to take Nandini with Kavya as well so that she will be comfortable while speaking in front of the police. Vanraj refused.

Leela asks Vanraj what happened. She gets to know Vanraj about Samar and Nandini’s relationship. Anupama asks Vanraj if he has found the right time to talk about Samar. Leela supports Vanraj and refuses to accept Samar and Nandini’s alliance.

She says that Nandini is Kavya’s niece and that she will not have Nandini as her daughter-in-law. Samar protected Nandini against Vanraj. Vanraj asks Samar if he is taking an attitude on her just because he has started giving ear. Samar says that it is not his confidence that is making him fight against him. Hasmukh asks Samar to go inside. Further, Kavya supports Nandini’s relationship with Samandar. She says that she has no problem.

Both Anupama and Kavya support Nandini and Samar. Leela becomes furious. She says that Nandini is Kavya’s niece and that she is older than Samar so she cannot accept an alliance with Samar. Anupama and Leela argue. Leela declares that she is against Anupama and Vanraj’s divorce.

Kavya stands up shocked. Next Nandini comes to meet Kavya. Vanraj is stunned upon seeing Nandini. Anupama comes and tells Nandini that he met the cutest, she does not need anyone’s permission. Nandini and Kavya meet. He tells Kavya to shift with him. Vanraj calls Nandini irresponsible and refuses to send Kavya with her. Kavya says that Nandini should not worry as Anupama is with her.

Later, Kavya confronts Vanaraja about Leela to stop her and Anupama’s divorce. Vanraj tells Kavya that he is already upset. Kavya decides to think before Lila stops Vanraj and Anupama’s divorce. There Anupama made Nandini happy. Summer showering flowers on Nandini.

Leela asks Anupama to prepare for the Mahashivaratri festival. Further, Samar told Anupama that Nandini would come home during the Mahashivaratri festival. Anupama tells Samar to remain calm. Pakhi calls and shares a conversation with Shah. Samar looked at Kavya and pushed her before looking at Pakhi. Vanraj gets angry on Samar.

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