Anupama 10Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 10Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, Samar refuses to lose the race against Nandini and believes that she has lost to him and says that she deliberately lost. She asks if she was going to city center but what is she doing here.

Nandini was about to slip but held Samar for support. Anirudh sees them and compares them to Vanraj and Kavya. Summer asks who he is.

Anirudh says that she felt that Nandini is not like Kavya, but she was wrong. Nandini made fun of him. She says that she does not know the whole truth. She says that she does not want to know anything and asks him to leave from there. Samar asks what he is doing here. Nandini says that she must have followed Kavya and tells him that they are separating but she does not understand why they are accusing each other.

Kavya says that she does not know what Anirudh wants to prove and apologizes to Anupama on her behalf. Leela says that it is Kavya’s fault, not Anirudh’s because her husband does not come here to make a play if she does not come. Anupama says that it is not Kavya’s fault.

Leela says that it is her fault that she let Kavya participate in her family celebration, the day Rakhi made the play which Kavya’s husband did today. Kavya again apologized to the Shah family.

Anupama says that she does not need to apologize because she has done nothing wrong and Vanraj can never do anything wrong. She says that it is good that everything happened inside the house, otherwise the people of the society will also have to endure. She says that our society only keeps a woman alone after separating from her husband, but never understands the reason behind her decision. She says that Vanraj will leave her but Kavya rejects her proposal, saying that she will manage it.

Anupama says that it is not easy for Kavya to forget whatever happened today but if she is unhappy, she should not hesitate to come here.

Nandini says that Kavya is strong, independent and ambitious about her career and society does not accept a girl like her. She says that even her husband never understands that she is not going to marry anyone.

Leela says that Anupama should not have brought Kavya with her. Anupama says that Kavya is already single. Leela says what she thinks about what Anirudh has said, a mother always trusts her children but what she feels as a wife. Vanraj asks Kavya to warn Anirudh otherwise he does not hesitate to file a complaint against her.

Kavya says that she is only talking about Anirudh and did not ask about her situation. She says that Anupama also insisted on leaving her but she did not say anything. She says that she had already refused and cannot take any risk after what happened today. He says that Anupama blindly trusted him, that is why she did not believe in Anirudh but he could not give any chance to doubt her.

Anupama tells Leela that her trust is not weak that she can break through Anirudh’s allegations and she knows that Vanraj will never break her trust. Vanraj says that he will have to act like Anupama’s beloved husband, saying that Sanjay can remain silent, but Anirudh will not remain. He says that this act is necessary for his family and he will not cheat him. She asks him not to break his trust. If he did, everything would be over.

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