Anupama 11Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 11Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, After hearing Anupama’s tremors, Vanraj calls her as Anu.

He says that it doesn’t matter to him what others think of him but only he can question her and is happy that he has so much trust in her. She says that she trusts him not to question her anything.

He talks ill about Anirudh and says that he is intentionally harming Kavya’s character and dragging Vanraj just because he is working with her.

He thanks her for trusting him and says that they have a love between Kinjal and Paritosh. She is shocked to hear him and feels very happy when he takes her in his embrace.

Kavya yells at Anirudh and asks him to divorce her and quietly leaves her life. He says that if he says that his happiness is staying with him.

She says that she should learn to live without him because it is just her past and she cannot be his future.

She advises him to settle into his life instead of running away from every investor after losing business. He asks if she will come back to him if he does any work. She tells him to let her go now.

He says that when she replaces Anupama in Vanraj’s life, he will think about it that day, though that day will never come.

Leela waits for Jayesh and is happy to see him. He gives her a rose when he asks what he has brought for her. Leela’s brother meets Jayesh.

Anupama and Vanraj take Jayesh’s blessing and say that they missed him. Jayesh asks Vanraj to warn Leela as she is only harassing him. Jayesh gives gifts to all.

Vanraj informs Anupama that he is not going to the office as Jayesh had come today and they had to discuss Paritosh’s engagement as well.

Jayesh suggests ordering food from outside to leave Anupama. Vanraj agrees with her and calls Anupama Anu in front of her family. His family teases him.

Rakhi comes there Vanraj tells them that everything will be over until he waits in his room. Rakhi stops her and apologizes to her.

Kinjal hopes that Vanraj will accept Rakhi’s apology and tells her father that he should have informed the Shah family before coming here.

Her father says that Rakhi wanted to give him a surprise visit. Rakhi says that she is there to talk about the engagement and gives gifts to the Kinjal Shah family. Leela praised Rakhi’s upbringing.

Kavya gets a message from Vanraj and says that she is not coming to the office today because like she said she has to spend time with Anupama and Jayesh and she will call him when the free time comes.

Anirudh tries to increase closeness with Kavya. She says that no one can decide her fate because only she has the rights and she will decide what she wants and she will get what does not matter.

Vanraj asked Anupama to sit in the engagement discussion saying that Jillamil would take care of preparing food.

Rakhi is surprised by her behavior and asks about Kavya. Anupama says that Kavya is part of his family.

Rakhi says that Vanraj is such a good person that he made his colleague a part of his family.

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