Anupama 12 March 2021 Written Update

Anupama 12 March 2021 Written Update, Samar talks to Nandini on a video call. He asks Nandini not to take tension because when the right time comes he will inform Anupama.

Samar said that Anupama is already under stress and she will inform him later. Vanraj finds Samundar talking to Nandini. He asks Samar if he doesn’t understand her words. Vanraj asked Samar in which language he would understand. Samar says that in whatever language he will understand it, he is not going to listen to it.

Vanraj warns Samar and asks him not to interrupt his Maha Shivaratri Puja as it is very important for him. He leaves. Samar says he was not going to do it, but he warns her and will do whatever he feels now.

Later, Anupama arranges Mahashivratri Puja. Vanraj gets impressed by seeing the arrangements. He asks Anupama if she can prepare him for Pooja as both Leela and Kavya are busy.

Anupama agrees. To fill Vanraj Anupama’s hairline. Kavya sees Vanraj and Anupama together. Vanraj put a dot on Anchal’s forehead. Kavya left the place.

Here, Leela asks Hasmukh to talk about Summer with Vanraj. She asks Hasmukh that Vanraj understands that Samar is young and should not react. Hasmukh says he will try. On the other hand, Vanraj is aware that he has rejected from all the companies for which he has applied. He gets irritated. Anupama asks Vanraj to keep her faith alive. Vanraj asks Anupama not to tell about Hasmukh or Leela. He says that he does not want any one show on it.

Anupama assured Vanraj. Hasmukh listened to Vanraj and shared with Anupama, they cannot even imagine what Vanraj could be. Anupama tells Hasmukh that they can only pray and keep the faith alive.

On the other hand, Samar meets Nandini. Nandini asks Samar what he is doing here. Summer says she wanted to see him without makeup. Both of them laughed. Samar asks Nandini to get ready and come with her for the puja. Nandini refuses to come along. Summer insisted on her. Further, Kavya was to sit near Vanaraja for worship. Leela stops her and says that only men can participate in this puja. She tells Hasmukh, Paritosh and Samar to sit in the puja.

Rakhi intervenes and says that she wants to perform a ritual. Anupama allows. Rakhi says that every year she has a wish. She says that this year she wants to wish her life for Kavya and Vanraj. Shah is uncomfortable standing. Vanraj gets irritated and asks that he who cannot remain silent can leave the puja as the puja is going on here. Vanraj performs the puja with parish and samar. Later, Samandar enters the house with Nandini. Vanraj looks at both of them angrily.

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