Anupama 12Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 12Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, Paritosh takes Kinjal to his room and says that he still cannot believe that his family is discussing about their engagement.

Kinjal says that she has already lost all her hopes but everything has gone well and she is very excited.

Samar and Pakhi come there and tease them saying that they are ready to get married directly without engagement.

Anupama says that she is happy that the engagement will happen within 2 days, but wonders how the preparation will be done in that short time.

Rakhi says that it is not just an engagement wedding that they need to prepare a lot.

She says that whatever happened between her family affected her children a lot, that is why they thought of getting engaged as soon as possible.

She says that she is doing this for the happiness of Kinjal and Paritosh, saying that the happiness of the parents depends on the happiness of their children and she does not let her husband say anything.

She says that if they leave this date they have to wait months as they will be busy in their coaching center. Paritosh and Kinjal heard him. Rakhi says she will accept the Shah family’s decision.

Vanraj agrees to engage within 2 days. Anupama says that if everyone prepares together then they need not worry about it. Leela says that she will talk with Priest.

Anupama suggests engagement in the community hall of her colony.

Rakhi says that people from her higher community will not be comfortable in the community hall.

She suggests to engage in the club, saying that their guests will be around 200 people and it will be difficult for them in the community hall.

Kinjal says it would be good if there is engagement in the club. Rakhi and Leela argue with each other at the engagement site.

Rakhi says that she is putting her efforts, Leela is getting angry at him for whatever she can do.

She says that she can understand that the Shah family is upset for the expenses, but they need not worry that she will manage everything to arrange a designer dress for them to reach the club on time.

Pakhi gets excited on hearing this.

Vanraj says that he can understand Rakhi’s wishes about her only daughter’s wedding but they can have a grand wedding and the engagement should be done in a simple way.

He says that they should not spend so much for the engagement and ask Kinjal to get her opinion after her engagement.

Kinjal says that for her, the place where she only cares about engagement. And they finalize the community hall as the engagement venue and Anupama assured Rakhi that her guests respect her as well so they will take care of it.

Paritosh thanks Anupama. She asks the couple to seek blessings from the elders.

Vanraj and others bless him. Rakhi feels that this time Anupama will break the relationship and her house will also break.

Samar thinks to narrate this good news to Nandini and wonders why she is thinking about him now. He tells Kinjal that he will reveal to him the secrets of charity.

Rakhi demands an expensive engagement ring for Kinjal.

Hearing the price of the ring, Anupama gets the shock Summer Pani eats with Nandini and shares the news of Paritosh’s engagement with her.

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