Anupama 13 January 2021 Written Update

Anupama 13 January 2021 Written Update, looking at Shah’s poetry. Vanraj remembered Kavya’s word. And thinks that his love for her will pull her back to himself. Nandini tells Kavya to return. Leela says Kavya is shameless. The amount of drama he plays in his family, he should change his name to Shah’s drama family.

Nandini asks Kavya not to do any drama and leaves the place. Vanraj tells Kavya that he understands her love and insecurity. He tells Kavya to leave the place. Kavya enters her new house with her luggage. Shocked by Shah’s stance. Kavya comes out with coffee. Shah goes inside their house.

Further, Vanraj calls Kavya as to why she is doing all this. Kavya tells Vanraj that he is not letting her get close to him and the love between them is not allowing him to separate from her. Vanraj says this is crazy. Kavya says ‘love is crazy’. With CCTV, Vanraj says that neither will he be able to live in peace nor. Kavya says that at least she has no problem. Vanraj called. Kavya looked at Anupama.

Also, Kinjal asks Anupama why she did not support him today. Anupama explains to Kinjal that she should take care while talking with the elders.

Kinjal recalls how he mistreated Vanraj. There, Hasmukh asks Leela not to make any drama as they can prevent Kavya from entering his house but not in the colony. Leela shared with Hasmukh that she felt that Vanraj and Anupama’s relationship would improve. But with Kavya’s re-entry,

Also, Anupama went to the doctor with Paritosh and Vanraj. Kavya intervenes and says that she will take care of Vanraj. Anupama allows Vanraj to accompany Kavya.

Kinjal asks Anupama why she is facing so much. She asks Anupama why she is not breaking her bond with Vanraj. Anupama agrees to Kinjal and decides to break her ties with Vanraj. She decides to move on. On the other hand, the doctor tells Vanraj that his recovery is fast. Kavya tells Vanraj to come back home with her.

Here, Leela gets angry with Anupama for allowing Vanraj to go with Kavya. Anupama asks Leela why she doesn’t always understand him and Vanraj. She agrees not to return to Vanraj. Anupama later apologizes to Leela. Leela tells Anupama, she is not the wife of Vanraj, so she does not respect him. Anupama calls Leela sorry.

Later, Anshika comes alone and Shah’s idea goes with Vanraj Kavya. Vanraj astonished Shah. Leela, Pakhi and others become happy. Kavya thinks that she will not let Vanraj stay with her family for long.

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