Anupama 13 March 2021 Written Update

Anupama 13 March 2021 Written Update, Samar asks Nandini to sit near Anupama. He goes to sit near Vanraj. Vanraj Krodhi Jai Mahakal. Anupama sees Nandini and remembers her talk with Samar.

She looks at Samar. Rakhi sees Nandini and asks her when she arrives. She wonders if there is something she does not know. Leah asks Vanraj to tie the auspicious formula. Vanraj angrily ties the thread. Rakhi also gives her hand. Anupama comes forward and tells Vanraj to shut up as he will take over. Vanaraja says that Samar did what he had to do and now he will.

Rakhi asks Nandini to tie the auspicious thread. Vanraj tied her thread. Dolly tells Leela, Samar and Nandini are crazy. She says why they did the play. Leela says that today’s generation does not listen. Dolly asked Shah to take prasad from Vanraj to complete the puja.

Vanraj distributed the prasad. Samar with Nandini moved his hand to take the prasad. Vanraj does not make offerings to Samar-Nandini and destroys her. Summer dance with Nandini, Paritosh and Anupama on the song ‘Shankara’. Rakhi feels that the cold war between Vanraj and Samar can turn into a real battle.

Further, Samar eats sweets and gives it to Nandini as well. He bends down to touch Vanraj’s feet. Vanraj steps back. He tells Sawar to walk out of the house holding Nandini’s hand. Samar tells Vanraj that the house belongs to Anupama and she will not leave.

He said that he feels bad when he is coming here with his girlfriend but he is motivating her to marry Kavya. Samar says that the house belongs to Anupama and he will not go on her orders. Anupama gets angry on Samar. She asks him if he will tell if the house belongs to Vanraj.

Anupama asks if she knows what Vanraj did for the house. She asks Samar why he did the drama by bringing Nandini at home, knowing that Mahashivratri is important for Vanraj. Kinjal interrupts and Paritosh stops her. Anupama asks Kinjal not to talk. Rakhi tries to speak and Anupama alerts her as well. Later,

Samar tells Anupama that he will do so but when Vanraj has already left home with Kavya, why is he interfering in their house matters. Vanraj walks from that place and remembers the past. Leela tries to calm Vanraj. Vanraj gets angry and says that now he will speak. He goes to Samar and is shocked by Shah’s stance.

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