Anupama 14Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 14Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, Vanraj greeted Paritosh with congratulations. Paritosh asks if he won’t hug her.

Vanraj hugs her and Jayesh hugs them. Leela teases Paritosh and he leaves. Leela discusses the decor and all from Vanraj.

Anupama serves tea to them and was about to leave, but Vanraj stops her by saying that Jillamil prepares the food and asks her to join the discussion.

Leela shows the ring she loved to Vanraj. Anupama thinks how Rakhi tells her about Kinjal liking her expensive ring. She tells him that Rakhi had already informed him about Kinjal’s selection.

Leela and Vanraj also agree to choose that ring. Anupama hesitantly says that the diamond ring costs 5 lakh. Everyone was shocked to hear him.

Kinjal’s father asks what Rakhi is doing to the Shah family. She says she is also ready for her middle-class engagement and what else is she expecting from him now.

He says that the Shah family does not know him well but he does. She says that she is creating circumstances to break the relationship that she also had last time.

She tells him to trust her and thinks that she is doing nothing only to get Anupama to do her work. Lila shouts at hearing the price of the ring.

Jayesh asks her to calm down and says that it is just their wish so it is not necessary for them to agree on it. Leela talks about the pros and cons of gold and diamonds.

Anupama says that she too heard them at the place of engagement and that these generation girls love diamonds more than gold, so they should fulfill Kinjal’s wish.

Vanraj says that it is not about money because he earned money for the happiness of his children, not for Rakhi’s arrogance and rejected his idea.

Leela asks Anupama to inform Rakhi about this otherwise she will dream about a diamond ring. Paritosh hears everything and leaves quietly but Anupama sees him there.

Anupama tries to make her happy but he asks her to leave him alone. He says that he does not want to disturb them but cannot do such a thing when he is not happy.

He says that Kinjal is sacrificing many things for him, but he cannot even give her his favorite ring.

He says that he will do it for Samar and for Pakhi, he will do more Samar, but there is no one for him whom he leaves with responsibilities just because he is the elder son of the family.

Despite the engagement ring being the most important for any girl, she cannot do anything.

He says that he does not want to pressurize them by saying that they should buy that ring for Kinjal as he knows that it is wrong and is only expressing his disappointment for not doing anything for Kinjal.

Leela asks Dolly to help them in their engagement preparations. She asks Dolly about her new earrings. Dolly says that she exchanged with her old one.

After listening to her Anupama, an idea comes. Summer teases Pakhi’s dance.

Anupama says that she will go to her house to invite her family. Leela tells him not to go empty handed and to come back soon.

Vanraj says that she will come with him saying that he had not come to her house for years. Anupama is happy to hear her and asks what about her office.

He says that Kavya will handle office meetings.

Kavya overhears her and thinks that she will not be alone, and she needs his support which she will somehow take. Anupama gets happily dressed and Summer teases her.

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