Anupama 15 March 2021 Written Update

Anupama 15 March 2021 Written Update,h Vanraj when he asks Samar where he was in 8th grade and what role he got in school. Summer stands silent.

Vanraj yells at Samar and asks her to speak. Summer asks to play the role of a father. Vanraj says that he left the show in the middle and that was the reason. Summer pointed out as he made a Kinder Garten student to sit on his lap.

Vanraj says that within an hour he is exhausted with the child and is accusing him because he spent half his age after becoming a father. He yells at Samar and says that he still knows how to honor his father. Vanraj says that he must have made a mistake in his life, but never insulted his parents.

He tells the person that Summer is telling that the house does not belong to him. Kavya tries to calm Vanraj. Vanraj says that no one will match him with Kavya as he would say even today. He tells Samar and Shah that Hasmukh has only bought the floor but has built the house where they are staying. Vanraj recounts his childhood and says that at an early age he used to do tuition, study and earn as a middle class man to run a household.

Vanraj said that the sacrifice of the mother is always highlighted but no one talks about the struggle of the father. On hearing Vanraj, Shah’s cry Vanraj counts how he struggled at his young age. He asks Dolly to tell her children about his struggle because they think he is a loser.

Vanraj tells Shah how he used to walk to save money to fulfill Dolly’s wishes. He says it is wrong to count what he did in the past, but he is helpless because Samar is saying that the house does not belong to him. Vanraj says that father’s responsibility is something that never ends. He says that he made a mistake but never did Hasmukh and Leela with his children.

Vanraj goes to Anupama and says that he never praises her but today he is saying that he runs home in her absence and he appreciates her. Anupama sheds tears. Vanraj goes to Hasmukh and Leela and says that he may have hurt them but never insulted them. Hasmukh and Leela nodded yes.

Vanraj goes to Samar he says that he considers Anupama his god so he expects her to consider him a human being. He says that he made only two mistakes in life; First he was in love with Kavya and second he hid her from Anupama. Vanraj says that what everyone did for the house, he does not deserve this kind of behavior. He walks out and concludes that he is the only one left. Shah’s attitude is strong.

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