Anupama 15Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 15Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, Anupama says to Anupama’s family, seeing Vanraj at her house, her reaction is not her dream.

When Anupama’s mother was about to bring a plate of pooja, Vanraj stopped her, saying that his blessing was enough for her. Vanraj invites her to Paritosh’s engagement. Everyone becomes happy.

Vanraj says that everything happened because of Anupama, if she did not try it is not possible to happen now. He says that Summer will come to pick them up.

Anupama’s mother cries in happiness and Vanraj wipes her tears.

Vanraj and Bhavesh discuss something. Anupama’s mother tells her daughter that Vanraj has completely changed. Anupama says, like she used to say, that she loves him very much but never showed him due to other responsibilities.

Vanraj sends an apology message to Kavya for his behavior towards her at her house and asks her to understand why he is doing all this.

Anupama asks her mother why she did not keep anything for herself and gives her all the jewels during the wedding.

Anupama’s mother says that nothing matters more to a mother than the happiness of her children.

She says that Anupama is already a good mother and will also be a good mother-in-law and she can do whatever she wants.

Anupama messaged Rakhi to send her jeweler’s address, so that she could buy the ring.

Rakhi thinks how she got so much money and says that she will not let her win this time. Anupama feels that her jewelry will bring joy to her children.

Vanraj calls Kavya, he deliberately narrates her to the staff.

One of the employees praised him, saying that because of him the atmosphere of the meeting was good otherwise if Vanraj were present the atmosphere would have been serious.

Vanraj feels that he has understood her many times why she is so insecure.

Kavya feels that earlier he used to cheat his wife in the name of Kama, if she is cheating him now in the name of his wife.

Anupama says that she is going to buy the engagement ring. Leela taunts Anupama to go alone without her. Vanraj favors Anupama who surprises Leela.

Leela advises them to buy within their budget. She asks why he is sending her alone when she doesn’t know anything.

Vanraj says that he adores Anupama and that he too wanted to buy the ring himself. Paritosh hears everything and leaves without saying anything.

Anupama feels that now that she is tired of seeing the diamond ring, everything will be alright.

Rakhi calls Paritosh and comes to know that Vanraj has refused to buy the diamond ring. Anupama sells her jewelry and buys a diamond ring.

Kinjal showed Rakhi a picture of the engagement ring, saying that Anupama had sent her.

Rakhi learns that Anupama had bought a ring to go against her family as Paritosh is unaware of it and is therefore from her family.

She is happy to know that Anupama’s problem will be solved now. Summer teaches dance steps to her family members. Leela waits for Anupama. Jayesh and Vanraj tell her to worry that she will come back.

Leela tells Jayesh that Vanraj is taking Anupama a lot these days and she feels that Anupama will continue to cause trouble as usual.

Vanraj wonders why it is taking so long for Anupama and she does not even get the card message. Samar recognizes Nandini and later she comes there realistically and says that she met Anupama in the market and told her about the dance practice.

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