Anupama 16Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 16Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, Pakhi who tells Nandini that Samar was teaching them strange steps, it is good that she came.

Jayesh says that the steps Samar has taught are not wedding type dance.

Pakhi asks Nandini to teach her dance steps. Nandini says that she will teach him Bollywood free style. Summer says that she is a classical dancer then how will she teach Bollywood.

Nandini says that they have to change the song first because the former couple is not suitable for dancing.

Paritosh says that the guests will be highly sophisticated and sophisticated so that they will like his dance steps.

Nandini asks them to get their couple and starts teaching them with Samar.

Summer gets mesmerized watching her dance with him (the song kha ko de gourd starts ringing in the background). Leela calls her jeweler and is shocked to know something.

Anupama reaches home. Rakhi also comes there and says that she came to see the engagement hall and reveals the truth that Anupama had bought the ring as she wanted.

Leela and Vanraj got shocked after listening to him.

Rakhi says that Paritosh told her that they were not ready to buy that diamond ring but Anupama shocked her by fulfilling her wish.

She says that now she understood why Kinjal always called Anupama the best. Paritosh is happy to hear this.

Rakhi says that Anupama is the best mother-in-law in the world who only thinks about Kinjal’s happiness and not others.

She shows Vanaraja the ring. Vanraj asked Pakhi to show Rakhi to the community hall.

Rakhi says that she herself can go why Pakhi is harassed. She gives the ring to Anupama and leaves from there.

Nandini too leaves from there thinking that Anupama is tired. Rakhi feels that Anupama should not like to feel bad in front of others.

Vanraj asks Anupama when everything was already decided why she bought this ring and how she paid for the ring.

Leela says that Anupama sold her jewelry, just after her jeweler informed her.

She says that Anupama did not listen to her family to satisfy Rakhi, she went against her own family. Jayesh asks Leela to give Anupama a chance to explain her point.

Leela taunts Anupama and says that when she came to the cafe after meeting Rakhi, her behavior had completely changed. She says that today she sold her jewelry, tomorrow she can also sell this house without telling anyone.

Vanraj says that 5 lakh is not a small amount for a middle class family like him and he spends it without telling anyone.

Anupama asks her to listen to him once. He asks that he saw the ring and also heard Rakhi’s taunts and now what else he has to hear. Anupama says Paritosh was depressed.

Vanraj says that Rakhi used Anupama and being an idiot she did not understand this. He says that he disrespected his own family and asked her how he got the idea.

Anupama says that she listened to Dolly and Leela’s conversation and that she only sold jewelry, which her mother gave her, Leela did not touch her.

Leela is shocked to hear him and blames him for talking like this.

Anupama says she was not meant to be this way. Jayesh asks Leela to stop. Vanraj yells at Anupama when he asks her to understand Leela.

Leela tells her to return the jewels given to her that she has no authority over them and tells the others not to interfere between them.

Paritosh apologizes to Anupama and says that Leela is more for gems.

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