Anupama 17 March 2021 Written Update

Anupama 17 March 2021 Written Update, Anu worships in the lawn. Summer walks up to him. He angrily tells her to go aside and when he does not, he raises his hands on her but does not slap. She asks why he insulted his father, only he understood her when there was none and he had a rockstar son;

He asked her to give him some time to get things right, but she was in a hurry; He made a great mistake insulting his father; Why he hates his father for his mistake, everyone makes mistakes, even when he was 6 months old, he was knocked down; They cannot forget the goodness of a person for their mistake; He also insulted Baa and Bapuji by spoiling Pooja;

He is trying to compete with his father by bringing his girlfriend home, he should compete with her among other things, etc. She warns that Vanraj and Kavya will stay in this house and no one will insult them and asks her to promise not to cause any problems again. He promises and asks how he will manage now. She says that Vanraj has taken her decision and even she will take her decision, but what she is going to do is for the good of the family and they support her. Kinjal asks what she is thinking.

Kinjal gives food to Toshu and says that she is happy that Papa is going to live here. He asks if he has any issues. She says that the issue named Kavya came up with Papa. He says she is making an issue, Papa will marry Kavya after divorcing Mummy. She says let them live together after marriage and not now; If they had done so, their parents would not have accepted;

He asked to get married in the temple for acceptance of the society, then where is the society now, he taught his rules and is forgetting them himself. He shouts that she has become a Xerox copy of Mummy, why doesn’t Papa have the right to live here, Papa explained so much today and she forgot him. She says that she has the right to live here and not to Kavya, Kavya will just roam around without doing anything to Papa and it will be very difficult for Mummy to stay under the same roof with her son.

They say that when Mummy had a problem, she did not agree and she somehow adjusted. She says that Kavya should adjust instead. He yells at her to stop and not create any issues, let Mummy, Papa and Kavya live together and if he tries to provoke Mummy or create issues, he won’t tolerate. She says that if Kavya tries to create issues in Mummy’s life, she will not tolerate and her better Kavya leaves from here or Mummy goes to her maternal home.

Anu cries in front of Shivling that till now the path was difficult but now it looks impossible, what should she do. Bapuji consoles him and says how can he lose hope when Bholenath himself applied tilak on his forehead; When there is a father, there will be a way in every problem and when there is not, there will be a problem in every way; He knows that his daughter has confidence in herself and God and if she does not lose hope, God will not stop supporting her; Vanraj expresses his wish and now he should express his wish, Ba says that he is always in favor of her, but he wants to do justice to both her and Vanraj.

Anu asks her to relocate this house in the name of Vanraj. He asks how she can take back her authority. Anu says that she knows that she knows to fight for her right, her right is on her, ba, child and her blessings; No one can take away her right as a daughter, but she does not need anyone’s authority;

He considered her a daughter, so God wants her to leave the daughters at the parents’ home; She knows that his blessing will be forever, Adi, and requests that he always gave her authority as a daughter and now she should give equal rights over Vanraj and let him go from here.

Vanraj yells and claps at her after listening to their conversation. The family gathers. She says that she always tries to show her greatness and is trying to degrade her. She asks what he did. He says that he wants to return his home to her, he always does them favors and never takes them;

He reminds her to insult him just once and orders him to get out of the house and says that he was angry that day but he never wanted to get out of the house, he was kicked out of the house. Was and now she is pretending her greatness and humiliating him, he does not want her to leave this house. She says that he did not listen to their entire conversation.

Bapuji supported him. Vanraj warns her not to support her favorite daughter-in-law. Anu says that she is not making any drama and just wants to show that she and Kavya cannot sit under the same roof and their old wounds will haunt them; His festivals and rituals will be in sorrow and tears, so he must be let go.

He cries enough about his greatness and helpless drama, if he wants to leave this house and give it to him, he will accept it and give his papers and names.His name is wanted on the plate, this house will be his and he will rule over it again.

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