Anupama 17Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 17Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, Anupama did all Leela’s jewelry with her. Jayesh gets frustrated with Leela. Leela says that the bangles and rings that Anupama has worn are also her.

Anupama was about to remove her bangles but Leela stopped her by saying that if Anupama did not wear gold bangles and rings, he would say that she would not say that she would keep an eye on him.

Anupama gives Kinjal’s engagement ring and the remaining amount to Leela.

But Leela refused to take them, saying that Anupama had bought the ring by selling her own jewelry and that she would not forgive him just because Anupama was giving him this amount.

Anupama says that Leela usually keeps all the money with her and that is why she is giving it, she has no other intention. Leela insults him and Anupama leaves.

Jayesh searches his wedding album and his mother’s diary to find out what jewelry he gave Leela. He asks her to return all those jewels.

Leela was shocked to hear that. He says that he knows that he too had sold those jewels and bought new ones then why is he right but Anupama is wrong.

He says that Leela did it for her pleasure but Anupama did it for her child’s happiness and left from there. Leela is speechless.

Nandini asks Samar that everything is fine in her family and she says that she will not interfere in her family affairs but just wants to know if Anupama is alright.

Samar says that she was right that day, should never get married and whenever he sees Anupama she feels that there is no bigger problem than marriage.

He says that Anupama will soon forget her grief and start caring about the happiness of others. Nandini makes her happy by changing the subject.

Vanraj and Kavya argue with each other again due to their differences. He angrily cuts off the call which annoys him.

Anirudh gets a laugh saying that she had become so weak since she was an independent headstrong woman.

Vanraj held Anupama responsible for all the chaos that occurred in her house.

Anupama says that she gave all the jewels to Leela and she did not even want to make her angry but she was afraid for Parush.

She says that she did not think of Paritosh and Kinjal’s happiness for Rakhi.

Vanraj says that he already has a lot of work pressure in office and here he is also fighting. He apologizes to her. She accepts her mistake but did not intend to hurt him or Leela.

She says that she will fix everything in the engagement and will not give any chance of complaint. Someone knocks on the door of their house.

Samar opened the door and everyone saw Kavya with wounds on his face and got drenched in the rain. Kavya runs towards Vanraj and hugs him.

She cries out that she has left her house and will not go back either, staying with him in her house. Vanraj hugs and tells Anupama to take over Kavya.

Anupama asks what happened to her. Kavya apologizes to him and says that he should have gone to Nandini’s house.

Leela says that there is no problem now, she will take him to Nandini’s house.

Anupama stops Kavya and says that she will stay in this house, which shocks Vanraj and Leela.

She asks Pakhi to fetch water and gives it to Kavya.

Kavya says that she and Anirudh argued about their divorce and started beating her, so she left the house.

Anupama says that everyone is together so she does not have to worry.

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