Anupama 18 March 2021 Written Update

Anupama 18 March 2021 Written Update, Anu returns to her room and cries holding the family picture. She puts it in her bag. The title track of the serial plays in the background. Kavya is happy to see Kavya coming out with his bag and requests him to leave the house as Vanraj never asks him to leave the house; It would be awkward for her to live under the same roof, but she and V don’t want to love him, but if she has already decided, they will support her decision; He did not have to worry about the family as he would have to take care of it in the future anyway.

Anu said it is good if she starts taking care of the family from now on. Kavya says that she should make it clear to the family that she herself is going away or else they will blame her. Anu asks not to worry, she will inform everyone and will leave. Kavya hugs her and smooches.

Anu calls the entire family. Seeing Ba, the bag asks whose bag it is. Kayva tells Vanraj that she did not tell him anything. Anu says that her bag and she is going out of the house, she took this decision after much deliberation and hence they should not stop her. Vanraj yells that she is tired of the drama of women, if Anu decides to show herself great and discredit her, she should get out of her house right now. She sees his face.

She says that she does not want to go and is just acting, she would have gone quietly if she wanted to go; He asks Samar and Kinjal if they want to go with Anu and laughs at Anu that even his fans are not supporting him. He yells at her to leave again and walks off.

Kavya asks Anu if he should book a cab for her and leave. Samar and Kinjal walk towards her, but she stops them and says that she is leaving the house and not taking responsibilities and is only going 3 lanes away. Summer, Toshu, Kinjal, and everyone request him to leave. Baa says that she is in favor of her son, but not against the daughter-in-law and asks her to go inside. Bapuji says that the family asks for a sacrifice from the daughter-in-law, but not her self-respect, so Anu can go to the same place when he was in her place.

Kavya goes to Vanraj. Vanraj asks if Anu left. She says she doesn’t know, she can leave. He asks if she is not staying back and hopes that she will return. She hopes Anu goes away. Bapuji tells the family that if Anu is gone then he will be in more pain, but he cannot see her suffocating every day, so they should let her go. He tells Anu that it is his fault that he is holding his daughter and he has not parted.

He tells Samar to leave her mother at her mother’s house and asks Anu what she should tell Pakhi as Pakhi wants both the parents in her life and doesn’t want to stay away from them. Anu reminds Sweetie to leave the house to leave a letter, being kidnapped, etc., and leaves her bag.

Bapuji says that the doctors are treating Sweety, but she needs to take care of her mother, so she should stay back until Sweety recovers and then they all explain to Sweety why it is important to leave home . Anu says that a mother can sacrifice her life for her children and today her self-respect fails and motherhood triumphs. Ba tells Anu to go inside with him. Bapuji cried loudly. Toshu consoles her. Bapuji says that only his daughter can handle this family.

Ba takes Anu to her room and says that she will bring him tea. Samar says that if he stopped at any cost. Kinjal says that Kavya plans to send him out of the house and provoke Vanraj. Anu says that she doesn’t care what Kavya wants, she is worried for Sweetie, etc., and says what she must have told Sweety after returning home. Samar says that she is worried about Sweetie, but not her, Samar or Kinjal. Kinjal and Samar start arguing. Anu stops them and thinks that she will not let Sweety cry again.

Baa tells Bapuji that he corrected that he stopped Anu back. Bapuji says that he did it right but does not know that he did well. Ba says it is good that she is supporting the daughter-in-law as she supports her son, their blessings are on their children. Bapuji says that their love is shared. Ba says that we see what the bowl of Mide will return to Anu at home.

Kavya goes to Vanraj and seeing him drinking tea, asks why he is making tea at this time. Vanraj suggests her not to be out of the family. He asks her to discuss the property with Bapuji. She says she started again. She says that Anu has children with her, Kinjal’s mother is rich and she will buy a bungalow for him, all the children are earning well, Anu’s life is set and her children will take care of her, but she is given to her parents.

Will have to take care of sweetie; He realizes the value of the house after losing it and he might not understand it because he has been leaving her for a long time. He says that he will talk to Bapuji and warn that his family will not face any problem because of him.

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