Anupama 18Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 18Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, Vanraj asks Kavya to stay with him. Anupama asks Pakhi to take Kavya, he will get turmeric milk. Bapu ji says that he is in trouble.

Anupama says that if Anirudh comes here, Vanraj will manage him. Pakhi takes Kavya to her room. Kavya sees a picture of Vanraj’s family.

Anupama says that I will give her turmeric milk. Ba says Anupama, where are your feet, you think Kavya is helpless, you remember that her husband made a scene, why did he come here, who will answer if anything goes wrong, who cries great Hai, no great person found real happiness.

Just a little help. Vanraj says calm down Ba, we will talk in the morning.

Ba says you are also great. Bapu ji says I will handle it. Vanaraja goes to Anupama and leaves. He says that I will not leave Anirudh.

He calls Anirudh. He cannot join. He says that Kavya should not have come here, but if Anirudh plays again, where would she go … Anupama would take care of Kavya.

She asks if the pain is less, I am not educated, but I know that there is a pain of a family breaking up, go and sleep, now you will live from here.

Kavya says that I have never felt so safe and secure, it is only because of you, thank you. Vanraj sees and goes away.

In the morning Anupama gives tea to Ba. Ba asked if Kavya woke up. She says I will send Kavya. Bapu ji says that he is upset. Ba says Paritosh is getting engaged, we will insult what we tell the guests.

Anupama says that Vanraj will manage, she goes to the room to talk to him. Ba asks why, can’t they talk here. Ba explains to him. She says that they are not Kinjal and Paritosh, you should stay with Vanraj.

Bapu ji asks him to stop. Vanraj comes in poetry. She hugs him. He asks are you alright Kavya says that I feel better, Anupama applied turmeric, Anirudh and I argued for divorce, then we fought.

He says take him to the police, how dare he… He says no, he did not beat me. What does he ask? She actually says…. She remembers sadly. She says that I was scared to see her aggression and came to you. Anupama comes to give tea.

Vanraj says that I think you should take strong action against him. Kavya says that I cannot do this to Anirudh, her life and career will be ruined, I am not her enemy, I want to stay away from her if she tells the police about us.

He says that he has no proof. She says that our chat history will prove it, forget it, I need you now. She embraces him. He says, Kavya, anyone can come, I come here for a while, let me go out.

Anupama comes and does not see them hug. Vanaraja gave away Kavya. Anupama says I just came to give tea. Vanraj asks her to come.

Kavya said ok Vanraj says that Kavya does not want to involve the police. Anupama says that today you are going to the office as you wish.

Vanraj says, I have to go to work and manage. Kavya says I also come. Anupama says relax, take some time for yourself.

Kavya says you work all day. Anupama says that housework is easy, you have to use your mind in the office today. Vanraj says Anupama is right, relax. Kavya nodded.

Anupama says that I made everything of choice of Kavya today. Mama ji says I am excited, I am getting engaged. Bapu ji says engagement of gratitude.

Ba says today you have to make the envelope of the omen. Anupama says yes, Kavya and I will make it. Everyone is happy.

Anupama says Kavya, your phone got fixed, I put it in a rice box to dry. Kavya says that you are an engineer. Anupama gives her a call.

Kavya sees Anirudh’s call. She disconnects. Ba says that if you don’t answer, he will come here, keep his issues out of this house. K

avya tells him not to worry. Anupama signs Samar. He goes to call Nandini. He sees her dancing. Ore Piya… .plays… He smiles upon seeing her.

She runs into him. Argument. He says I want to talk about Kavya, come home, I will tell you everything. Vanraj says I will go. Anupama and Kavya bye…. Vanraj sees them.

Kavya said sorry. Anupama says why, we say when someone leaves the house.

Vanraj smiles and thinks that his wife and GF live in the same house.

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