Anupama 19Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 19Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, Kavya is a video calling Vanraj and smiling at him. Nandini follows Kavya and hugs her but her phone slips and the phone is disconnected.

Thank Vanraj that Nandini did not see him. Nandini asks, are you okay? Why didn’t you come to me Because of Vanraj? Do you feel safe with him? He can handle Anirudh.

Anupama says that Kavya wanted to go to your house only yesterday. Leela taunts her that this is a women’s empowerment house.

Nandini says that we will now practice dance for Paritosh’s engagement. She thanks Anupama for taking care of Kavya. Anupama says that she is with us in every happiness so we cannot be with her in her difficult times? She is our own.

Nandini says you are very sweet, how can someone be so good. Paritosh comes there and says that we will complete the duet dance now. Anupama says I have to cook, she left. They all start thinking about dance.

Kavya receives Anirudh’s call and asks why he is calling? What happened last night was not enough? He says you are acting as if it was my fault, I just wanted to ask where you are and I can hear voices so you should be with your ‘close friends’.

I was worried for you. Kavya says why are you calling? He says that I am going to meet a friend in Surat and I am keeping the key in the pot. She ends the call and sends a message to Vanraj that she is going home and I miss you, she ends the call and turns around to see Anupama there.

Anupama says I have just come to give you the charger. Kavya says I am going home. Anirudh is going to Surat for 2-3 days so I am safe.

Anupama says but what will happen after she comes back? You have to sit and think before you decide, you can stay here until you decide anything.

Kavya says but … Anupama says no, you will be alone there, bring your clothes here and stay with us. Kavya says you are right, I will bring clothes.

Abandoned Anupama. Sanjay comes there and is shocked to see Kavya there.

Leela tells him that Kavya had a fight with her husband, so Anupama brought her here. Sanjay feels that Anupama is innocent and does not know what is going on.

Vanraj comes to Kavya and hugs her. He says that I missed you. Kavya says that I love your family, I am very happy here.

Anupama says that you are very sweet, you do not know how difficult it is to be alone, I wanted to be a part of your family but I am alone.

Vanraj says I am with you. Kavya hugs her and says why can’t we live together and have a normal couple? Why do we have to hide from the world? Anirudh comes there and takes a picture of them in each other’s arms. He says what a picture.

Vanraj and Kavya are shocked to see her. He shows them this and says why did you stop? He asks Vanraj to answer Kavya. I knew you both would do something like this.

Vanraj catches Anirudh but he says that if you do anything I will send it to Mrs. Rakhi, Anupama will not listen to me but Rakhi is not happy with this relationship.

If I send this video to him he will not leave you. I do not want to include your family in Vanraj. Vanraj says don’t bring my son in it. Anirudh says you first destroyed my life.

All the family members are preparing for marriage. Dolly tells Anupama to choose a saree but Leela tells Dolly to choose a saree for her as Anupama does not know her well.

She came from a middle-class family. Anupama says, yes, she is right, you can choose a saree for me.

Anirudh tells Vanraj that we had struggled before coming into your life but we will resolve them together. I made mistakes in life, but I will not let anyone else hurt Kavya.

Vanraj says shut up, Anirudh says that I can give this photo to Rakhi and your son’s life will be destroyed. Kavya told him not to include Vanraj’s family, if you have any problem with me, then let’s solve it.

Anirudh says, I will not send this photo to anyone but I will keep this photo with me because I may need it anytime.

He tells Kavya that I have hurt you but this man will break your heart, leave your life and then leave you, I am sorry for what happened last night. He goes from there.

All are choosing sarees. Looks like Anupama. Paritosh selects some sarees for Anupama and takes photographs.

He says I will send it to Papa and he can choose for you. She likes a sari and Paritosh sends a picture to her father.

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