Anupama 21 November 2020 Written Update

Anupama 21 November 2020 Written Update, The mini bus starts with Shah’s bliss. They sing son together. Dolly says that Vanraj is not like this, Anupama has also gone with him. Further, Hasmukh says, when we went for a picnic together. Anupama remembers and says 8 years ago.

Leela says that Vanraj was not with them even at that time. Anupama has been thinking for 8 years that Vanraj and Kavya are in a relationship and sharing their bed. In addition, Shah sings songs and enjoys.

Here, Rakhi feels that she has not waited for her marriage, the way she is waiting for Shah. Later, Anupama reaches the resort with her family.

Anupama fails to see Vanraj and Kavya. He sees the pair kissing together and thinks that Leela and Hasmuk will not be comfortable seeing all these.

Rakhi welcomed Leela and others. Leela discusses Rakhi about Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage. Rakhi feels that she will make her journey memorable so that they will not forget the other.

Rakhi invites Shah to the pool area with the intention of exposing Vanraj. Anupama refuses to go to the edge of the pool with Rakhi along with Leela and Hasmukh. Rakhi asks what is the problem of sitting on the pool side. Samar says that Hasmukh and Leela will not be comfortable together.

Everyone agrees with Anupama. Rakhi feels that if one of her plans fails, she will not stop trying because she is spending so much to expose Vanraj. Kinjal thanked Rakhi and told her that she was hoping that she had a good intention to make a holiday for Shah.

Here, Vanraj sees Anupama’s message and calls her. He asks Anupama, she is not at home so she is wandering. Anupama informs Vanraj that the entire Shah family is booking a rakhi.

Vanraj asks Anupama the name of the resort. Rakhi stops Anupama and says that Vanraj should be exposed to everyone. Second aspect,

Later, Hasmukh says that he does not understand the sudden change in Rakhi’s behavior. Leela agrees with him. Ahead, Kinjal and Nandini share one room and Paritosh and Samar share another room.

Nandini tells Kinjal that if she wants to spend time with Paritosh, she can tell him and she will leave the room.

Kinjal asks Nandini not to go to the garden but to share the room with Samar. Summer is rash to hear.

Later, Rakhi shows Anupama her room. Anupama is taken aback by seeing such a large room.

Also, Anupama hears the voice of Vanraj and Kavya and feels restless. She decides to locate and knock out Kavya’s room. Kavya opened the door.

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