Anupama 21Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 21Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, Kavya wants to blackmail Anirudh, rather she is not liking him every once in a while.

He says that Anirudh has a picture of him and Rakhi is not easy to handle, Kavya still lives in her house and also has to watch the engagement preparations, so it would be so difficult for her to handle all these at one time. is.

He says that Anupama is innocent, but seeing her picture is not sure either. She gets angry and she says that she will make sure to stop Anirudh and does not come to her house again for help.

If anything happens to her, she can focus on Paritosh’s engagement. He says that he did not mean to hurt her. She says that she is not accountable for Anirudh’s actions.

He says that he is not blaming her but Anirudh blackmails to stop Paritosh’s engagement. She tells him that she has to meet her lawyer and later asks him to take her.

She asks him if he will ever leave her. She says that she should never think so and leaves for office.

Samar asks Vanraj to select a saree for Anupama to send her pictures. Vanraj gets irritated seeing this and calls Anupama.

Anupama apologizes to him for the mess and says that Samar has sent those pictures. She tells him to choose pink saree that she looks good on him.

She is happy to hear him and asks him to take Kavya from his house.

Dolly and Leela ask Anupama to choose her choice but Anupama continues to appear in a pink sari.

Nandini notices and says that it will suit Anupama a pink sari. Dolly also likes that saree for Anupama but seeing the cost of that saree Leela decides to choose another saree for Anupama.

But Dolly says that she will buy this saree for Anupama, understanding Leela’s intention.

Samandar gets mesmerized seeing Nandini. Nandini notices him and asks why he is staring at her. He changes the subject to avoid her.

She asks for her wifi password to indicate that her net connection is not working properly.

And he helps her to see that Leela’s brother teases her. Summer tells Leela that Kamini is coming to Paritosh’s engagement.

Jayesh and Leela’s brother awkwardly react to hearing her. Leela says that whenever someone comes from her family they never like.

Jayesh says that Kamini’s character is similar to Leela.

Anupama notices Sanjay sitting quietly while everyone is enjoying. She asks him what happened. At that time Kavya and Vanraj come there.

Leela says that she felt that Kavya would not return.

Anupama asks why they are late. Kavya says that she went to meet the lawyer that’s why. Everyone complains to Samar that WiFi is not working.

Anirudh sent a picture of Kavya and Vanraj saying that he has to save Vanraj. Samar says that from the time he gave WiFi to Nandini for not working, he gave the password.

Anupama asks what happened after seeing her family’s reaction.

Leela says that Rakhi has sent Paritosh and Kinjal’s engagement invitation and taunts her for not coming personally to give the invitation.

Vanraj says that he should not expect much from her. Anupama says that perhaps this is how they send invitations to their family.

Leela asks how can she support Rakhi even when she does not care about her honor.

Rakhi shows the invitation to her husband, saying that she should have gone to invite him personally.

She says that she does not have time for this.

Nandini is shocked to see a picture of Vanraj and Kavya in her mobile. She tells Kavya to come with her that she wants to talk to him.

Anupama asks what happened. Nandini says nothing serious that her mother wants to talk to Kavya and takes Kavya with her.

Nandini and Kavya arrive at Nandini’s house. She shows Kavya the picture.

Kavya says that Vanraj came to console her as she felt inferior due to whatever happened to Anirudh and he is trying to portray them in a wrong way but she and Vanraj are just good friends .

Nancy asks why she is giving an explanation and she does not see anyone easily, especially by looking at the picture.

She says that they should take legal action against Anirudh otherwise he will continue to harass her in this way. Kavya tells everything to Vanraj.

Vanraj says that Nandini cannot believe Anirudh, but she will notice him from now and they are shocked to see Anirudh there.

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