Anupama 22Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 22Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, Vanraj continues to meet Anirudh and Anupama comes there and says that everyone is very happy after a long time, Jayesh and Leela are also practicing for a dance performance with the children.

She says that Dolly asked her to do a duet dance on Janmashtami and asked if she would dance with him.

Anirudh says that Vanraj cannot live in peace after snatching his peace, he will not let this happen and will send him another meme.

Anupama hugs Vanraj from behind and says that his happiness is incomplete without her.

Vanraj gets irritated and pushes him aside and shouts saying that he cannot tolerate the smell of the spice that is coming from him.

He says that he is spending time with her these days and is still behaving in such a way and tells her not to forget that she is the mother of 3 children and comes to him after washing her hands properly Warns and leaves.

Anupama was shattered upon hearing him, he sniffed her hand and said that she was right.

Leela asks Vanraj about Anupama but he ignores her. Anupama remembers Vanraj’s words and washes her hands and face properly.

Sanjay noted Anupama’s distressed situation. He tells Vanraj that he had already warned him but he still brings Kavya here, though Anupama is unhappy.

He asks her to handle things before she falls badly and he cannot see Anupama unhappy.

Vanraj regrets shouting at Anupama and thinks that she will have to continue her work in front of Anupama.

If she loses her faith in him then it will not be good for her that now she has to do something before Sanjay creates a drama is.

Vanraj hugs Anupama and apologizes to her and everything he said earlier was not true. Kavya sees them and apologizes for disrupting their romance. She says that Vanraj should have locked the door.

After worshiping the engagement ring, Leela sits near the idol of God and says that it is such an expensive ring. Kamini comes there and takes her blessings from Leela. She says that she misses Leela a lot and cries fake.

Paritosh tells Kavya that Kamini is similar to Meenu as the two ask a lot of questions.

Kamini meets everyone one by one. Leela tells Anupama to continue with her pending tasks and tells Kamini to come to her.

Kamini tells Anupama that she will help her later and goes to Leela. Leela shows Kamini the engagement ring and says that it costs 5 lakh, so she is guarding the ring sitting there.

Anupama says who is going to steal the ring. Vanraj calls Pramod but Rakhi calls, she invites him for the ritual. She teases him by calling him Kinjal’s father-in-law.

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