Anupama 23 March 2021 Written Update

Anupama 23 March 2021 Written Update, Vanraj goes to Nandini’s house to meet Pakhi. Nandini runs away after seeing him. Vanraj apologizes to Pakhi and says that he or his mother did not want to hurt him.

Pakhi says that even she did not want to hurt them and wanted to be a good girl, so she accepted their divorce; He even persuaded Kavya to come home; Why don’t they stay together until their divorce proceedings are over; She knows that everything will change;

She pleads with him not to leave a few months to live under the same roof with her parents; She wants her united family until then, they can do whatever they want after that. They both love her dearly. She says that if Kavya goes out of the house, she will return home or she will never come again. They both leave the house, and Vanraj thanks Nandini for keeping Pakhi in her house. Nandini assures Anu not to worry about Pakhi.

Kavya feels that she knows that Pakhi has done this drama to emotionally blackmail her and hopes that she will not be able to do anything. The family asks why Pakhi did not return home, if Pakhi’s anger now subsides. Anu tells Vanraj that Pakhi’s feud is not right, but also not completely wrong; When Kavya comes to this house, she decides to leave the house, but the decision has to be changed for Sweetie; When parents can change themselves for children, the decision is nothing, so she is changing her decision today.

Vanraj asks which decision Anu says that let Kavya stay in this house, till her divorce proceedings are over, she cannot leave the house and Kavya cannot stay here and she will have to leave this house. Kavya stands up shocked. Anu says that they need to touch the raw pot carefully or else fingerprints will always be on them, a young mind is like that too, her daughter is already hurt and she does not want any mark of her daughter Keep in mind; So Kavya had to leave the house. Kavya says that she wants to be here and wants to understand Pakhi.

Anu says that even she wants him to understand what Pakhi needs and should leave this house. Kavya asks why he did not have any problem before, what happened earlier. Anu says that earlier she did not want the son to stay away from the family and now she does not want the daughter to stay away from the family; Sweety will stay here only after Kavya leaves; After the divorce, this house and right will belong to Kavya; Kavya’s stay here was against the rules and morals of society, yet he let her stay here, but if against her daughter’s happiness, she doesn’t have to live; The police caught a man abusing Kavya, so he no longer had to worry a bit; She can stay wherever she wants and go from here.

Kavya screams just because Pakhi is pretending, why does she have to leave from here, she won’t. She stands stubborn and asks who it is that kills her house as her V’s house and not her. Anu says that this family and daughter belong to her and hence the decision will be hers, not all the good stuff of good poetry came here, she can come here when she is V.

Marries Kavya, she will not leave from here at any cost, Pakhi said this. Do a play for 2-3 days and celebrate them, but she cannot; She will not bow down to her arrogant, arrogant, stubborn daughter. Anu warns her to shut her mouth, she is pretending more than sweetie, they don’t need to learn the child’s behavior from her; Sweetie is their daughter and they consider her better than Kavya. She tells Vanraj that she had already told him that if it is a question of her family and children, she will not tolerate Kavya.

Kavya shouts that she cares what she or her family thinks and will not leave. Anu says that she has to leave voluntarily or by force. Kavya asks Vee why he is listening silently, this house belongs to him and he should decide who lives here. Vanraj says that this is also her decision, so she can shift to Nandini’s house for a few days, till the divorce proceedings are over.

Baa worships with Bapuji and Mamaji while Kavya leaves with a bag. Anu brings Pakhi inside. Kavya challenges Vanraj that she is going out because of her daughter, will return for sure and stay here; She will stay out until her divorce, then her daughter and family will have to bear it. She thinks that today Anu kicks her out of the house, once her divorce is over, she will show what Kavya is and she will expel him and the whole family. She becomes more jealous by seeing Pakhi pampering the family.

The family enjoys playing with Pakhi. Anu apologizes to Vanraj and says that she knows she cannot say sorry. She says that she should not leave then she says that he asked her to choose between Pakhi and Kavya and put her in a dilemma, so she would have to apologize to him. He says that both of them have decided for Pakhi, what will happen if it goes wrong for Kavya; If poetry is important, then pakhi is its life; If they brought Kavya during their bad times, they had to expel Kavya from the house. Anu promised

That she and Pakhi will bring Kavya back home when the time is right, it is just a matter of few days and then their ways will be different; She reiterates that when their paths cross someday, they should not change their face. They are happy to see the happiness of the family.

Kavya stops at Nandini’s house. Nandini asks her to take off her bag. Kavya says that she came here to stay at some house and will stay only in that house; She is always humiliated because she is a girlfriend and not a wife; Soon the wife and Anupama will be an outsider and will expel each member of the family from the house. Nandini says that her misdeeds drove her out of the house.

Kavya says that she is supporting that house because her boyfriend lives there. Nandini says that her boyfriend also lives there, and if she wants to dream of becoming the daughter-in-law of that house, she needs to be like Anu aunty. Kavya says that Anu is a very intelligent player who uses Samar, Toshu, Kinjal and Pakhi as his pawns. Nandini says that she will destroy herself. Kavya says that she will destroy them instead.

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