Anupama 23Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 23Th Saptember 2020 Written Update,  Anupama, Dolly and Kavya were discussing jewelry and clothes for the engagement.

Kavya asks Anupama to do her any work. Anupama gives very little sari to Kavya and asks her to stitch them.

Kavya was shocked after seeing that. Seeing her face Dolly says that Anupama was teasing her.

Pakhi says that Kavya tastes great in shopping, Anupama and Kavya’s selection will never match. Kavya says that his selection is the most important.

Pakhi asks whether Kavya also likes traditional ornaments such as Anupama or Kya. Kavya shook him. Anupama says that she has a lot of dreams about Paritosh’s engagement.

Pakhi asks him to stop his melodrama. Anupama says that she will prepare Kinjal, just like she did on Janmashtami.

Kavya recalled Anupama and Vanraj’s dance performances on Janmashtami.

Kamini says that the engagement ring is so expensive and that Kinjal does not care because he is from rich family but what will happen to him if he loses it due to his negligence.

Leela taunts and asks who can understand Anupama. Dolly asks Anupama to wear the saree that Vanraj gifted her for a function.

Anupama takes that sari out of the cupboard. Kavya likes that saree. Dolly tells Kavya that Vanraj always brings a sari to Anupama whenever she goes out of the city.

Kavya says that Anupama is so lucky that she has everything but she does not even have any dress to wear for engagement.

Anupama says that Kavya need not worry, she will give her a sari. Kavya asks her to give the saree that Vanraj gifted her.

Anupama is hesitant to give that saree to her but Pakhi snatches the saree from her and gives Kavya the saying that this color will suit her and she is wearing a matching blouse for that saree.

Samar was staring at Nandini. Seeing that Pakhi and Paritosh tease him. Samar says that he does not like Nandini, instead that they always fight each other.

Pakhi says that Nandini already has a boyfriend, so no worries. Summer is shocked to hear him and drops his ice cream.

Paritosh asks why he is reacting in this way if he does not like Nandini. Summer escapes them. Leela gives Anupama’s jewelry to her and asks her to wear it for the ’round dense’ function.

Anupama says that Leela is good. Leela says that she is not good or bad, she is just a mother-in-law. He gives her the engagement ring.

Anupama showed the kurta which she had chosen for Vanraj. Kavya says that she will not like that color. Vanraj asks Anupama to choose a light colored kurta for her. Anupama feels that she was confident that she would like this kurta.

Anupama talks with Jillamil’s daughter in sign language and asks her to practice dance with Pakhi and not do any work if someone asks her to do it.

Kamini notices everything. Kamini addresses Jillamil as a servant. Anupama tells him that Jillamil is part of his family.

Kamini tells her not to trust the servants so much. She makes fun of Jillmill for bringing her daughter.

Anupama said for Jillamil that being poor is not a crime.

Jillmill cries and says that he is not an AIF. Anupama said that she trusts him completely.

Kavya says that she wants to help Anupama in her kitchen work. Anupama asks her to cook for Rakhi and for others she and Jillamil handle it.

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