Anupama 24Th Saptember 2020 Written Update

Anupama 24Th Saptember 2020 Written Update, Anupama asks Kavya why she does not want to make a complaint against Anirudh. Kavya says that she does not want to prolong the issue.

Anupama says that she did wrong with him by beating him and she is right so she should not be afraid of anything because she should face it. She says that Anirudh broke the honor of their relationship by killing Kavya and she is always with him.

Kavya thanked him. Anupama says that the world of men is big but the world of women is limited to their home, even Kavya is not like them because she is also a woman.

Kinjal’s family reaches Shah’s house. Kinjal gets worried seeing the closed door. Rakhi says that it is expected of them and jokingly states that they are ‘Gol Dhana’ in the house and engaged in the local community hall.

Kinjal is happy to see the decoration and the Shah family welcomes her by dancing.

Vanraj sees Kavya wearing Anupama’s saree when he asks how she looks, he ignores her and goes to welcome Kinjal’s family. Anupama welcomes Kinjal’s family.

Paritosh shocked Kinjal by giving her a bouquet of flowers and danced with her. Pakhi notices Samandar staring at Nandini. Anupama sits Paritosh and Kinjal in her place.

Kavya goes to Vanraj and asks why when he is ready for her, she is giving him a weird look. He asks why she is wearing Anupama’s saree.

She asks if he is jealous that he is wearing the sari he bought for Anupama. He asks if Anupama gave her this saree.

She says she took it from him because she loved it. He warns them that they should be careful as Anirudh and Sanjay are watching them anxiously and also that he and his family are separated from him and Kavya.

Nandini goes for a selfie and Summer praises her. Leela asks Anupama to start the ritual. Anupama performs all rituals and gives gifts to Kinjal’s parents. Rakhi gives a lot of gifts to Paritosh, Anupama and Leela.

. Leela says that Rakhi forgot to give the most important thing which is blessing. Rakhi and Pramod blessed Paritosh. Rakhi says that Kinjal wanted to see their engagement ring.

Kinjal says that she wants to try the ring to do a fitting check. Anupama brings the ring. Kamini says that Leela also worshiped for the ring.

Kinjal says that there is no ring in the box. Everyone is shocked to learn that the ring is missing from the box.

Rakhi says that the ring is now missing due to Anupama’s negligence. And he shows fake concern for her. She says that everyone is family here except Kavya, but she is also like family for Vanraj.

She says that she did not expect such careless behavior from Anupama.

Vanraj favors Anupama and says that the ring will be at home. Anupama discovers the ring in her room but finds it nowhere. Summer tries to calm him down.

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