Anupama 3 March 2021 Written Update

Anupama 3 March 2021 Written Update, Vanraj gets a call from Kavya. She asks about Pakhi. Vanraj tells her that Pakhi leaves for her journey. Kavya asks Vanraj if he is coming for lunch.

Vanraj tells Kavya that his aunt wants to see him. Kavya asks when do they have to go. Vanraj tells Aunty and her grandmother wants to see Anupama as well. They say that Anupama is on leave today, they have to go together. Kavya lets Vanraj go with Anupama.

She further thinks that now her children with Anupama are trying to separate her from Vanraj. Kavya gets Anirudh’s call. He feels that to keep Vanaraj with him, he must finish Anirudh’s chapter. There, Anupama and Samar talk with each other. Samar thinks of Nandini.

He wonders if he should tell Anupama about Nandini’s fears. Samar feels that Anupama is already doing a lot. Anupama talks about Nandini. Samar sees Nandini and envies her by talking about her friend in Mumbai. Nandini ignored Samar and Anupama’s talk.

Anupama supports Summer. Nandini gets irritated with Samar after hearing praise from her about the other girl. Later, Samar tells Anupama that Nandini likes her still does not confess. Anupama tells Samar to give time to Nandini. She tells Samar to apologize to Nandini.

Nandini refuses to talk to Samar. Ahead, Anupama packed the bag. Samar asks Vanraj how he will be driving with back pain. Anupama and others watch Samar. Samar says that he does not bother Vanraj. Hasmukh interrupts and says that Anupama will drive.

He says that Anupama has a high time to hold the steering. Vanraj says that he too has understood, if Anupama will hold the steering car, he will not go in the wrong direction. He tells Shah how Anupama helped find Pakhi. Leela asks Anupama and Vanraj that if the two do not spend their lifetime together then why is there a better standing than this.

Anupama and Vanraj remained speechless. Also, Anupama advises Samar and Paritosh not to leave Kinjal behind. She tells Paritosh not to fight Kinjal. On the other side Kavya meets Anirudh and gives him back his flat. Both wish each other a good life. Later, a boy followed Kavya.

Summer is left alone at home. He calls Nandini home, taking Anupama’s name. There Anupama and Vanraj go to Leela’s mother’s house along with Hasmukh, Leela and Uncle. Leela wishes that Vanraj and Anupama stay together.

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