Anupama 6 March 2021 Written Update

Anupama 6 March 2021 Written Update, Vanraj, asks Anupama how she can say yes to Samar and Nandini. Anupama says that the way she accepted her relationship with Kavya is fine with Samar and Nandini’s alliance.

She asks Vanraj if she has three children and may have an affair as a husband and the entire household accepts her relationship with Kavya as she cannot accept Samar and Nandini’s relationship. Whatever is the fact, says Vanraj, but Nandini is Kavya’s niece and she will never accept Samar and Nandini’s relationship.

He leaves the place. Summer apologizes to Anupama. He tells her that he was just proposing to Nandini and that he did nothing wrong. Anupama is standing with Samar. Samara says that Vanraj gave Nandini an ear without making a mistake.

There, Nandini remembers Vanraj and says that his love always breaks down in between. She says she can’t take much of it and think of something. On the other hand, Kavya looks outside her flat to see if the stocker has left the place.

He could not find any and closed the door. Kavya decides to order food. Further, Vanraj says, whenever everything is right Anupama and Samar always ruin it. He says that Samar is a child but Anupama is doing wrong by supporting her. Vanraj decided to talk to Nandini.

Here, Nandini packs her bag and decides to leave the house. Meanwhile, Paritosh and Kinjal argue with each other. Paritosh accuses Kinjal of not telling him about Samar and Nandini and supports them both for a date. Kinjal says that she is Samar’s sister-in-law and finds her safe and sound.
Paritosh and Kinjal argue with each other. Kinjal left the room. Later, Anupama and Samar go to meet Nandini. Nandini shivered as soon as she saw him. He apologizes to Anupama. Anupama tells Nandini not to feel guilty as she did nothing wrong just express her love.
Nandini says, but Vanraj does not like her. Anupama asks Nandini not to think about Vanraj. She supports Nandini and Samar. Anupama vowed to reunite Nandini and Samar and said that her love is incomplete but she will not let her love end in the middle. Nandini hugs Anupama. Samar and Anupama also hug each other. Nandini tells Samar that she was scared. Samar says that he too will take care of Anupama.
There, Vanraj searches for his mobile. He finds the door open and asks Paritosh to close it. Nandini tells Samar to close the door. Vanraj is shocked to see Anupama and Samar at the door step. He says that he will talk with them in the morning.
Summer worries and Anupama tells her to rest. Here, the stalker dodges Kavya and enters his house. Kavya feeds Samar and tries to chill him. The two share a talk with each other. Anupama sees him from afar and says that Samar is lucky to find Kinjal as her sister-in-law. She prays to God to give her strength to fight Vanaraja.

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