Anupama 8 March 2021 Written Update

Anupama 8 March 2021 Written Update, Vanraj entering his room. He feels that he should inform Kavya that he returns. Vanraj feels that he will tell Kavya later as she must have fallen asleep. He feels that he will not further complicate Nandini and Kavya’s talk.

Elsewhere, Kavya shouts for help. Stone attack on Kavya. In the morning Vanraj thinks of calling poetry. Anupama brings him tea. Vanraj dialed Kavya’s number and someone gave him information about Kavya. Vanraj rushes to meet Kavya. Anupama runs after Vanraj to see Kavya. Anshika and Samar ask Anupama what happened to Kavya. Anupama says that she is clueless.

She goes to Kavya’s house with Vanraj. Vanraj and Anupama were surprised to see the mess home. Anupama enters and finds Kavya injured. He covered Kavya. Anupama asks Kavya what happened. Kavya did not speak. She tells Vanraj to ask Kavya as she can hear him.

Vanraj asks Kavya what happened. Kavya sat numb. Second aspect; Anshika, Kavya and Samar worry about Kavya. Anshika and Samar call Vanraj and Anupama. Vanraj and Anupama’s mobiles have been left at home. Partyosh accidentally read Kavya’s message on Vanraj’s mobile and told Kinjal and Samar that Kavya must have been molested. Hasmukh, Leela and Vanraj’s uncle are shocked to hear Paritosh’s talk.

There, Vanraj asks Kavya what happened. Kavya cries and hugs Vanraj. She tells Anupama and Kavya how the hunter was following her and attacked her.

Kavya tells Vanraj, for that the stalker said that he is single i.e. he is available to everyone. Kavya cries and says that she fights back with the hunter. Anupama consoles Kavya and asks her for the other’s mindset that she is not responsible.

Vanraj comes to Chudwana from Anupama. At the Shah’s house; Samar decides to inform Nandini. Anshika stopped him. Kinjal also asks Samar not to tell Nandini about the same. Anupama and Vanraj bring Kavya home. Stop Leela Kavya. She tells Anupama to take Kavya to the guest room and call the doctor.

Anupama and Vanraj comforted Kavya. Anupama tells Kavya not to worry as she is safe at their house. Later, Kavya breaks down and informs Vanraj that he does not have a house to live in and has given his flat back to Anirudh. She cries. Here, Sameer and Kinjal discuss whether to bring Nandini home for Kavya, Partiosh gets annoyed. Kinjal asks Samar to stay for a while. Anupama thanked God for protecting Kavya. Later, Vanraj asks Kavya why he did not tell her about giving back her flat to Anirudh. Kavya cries and tells Vanraj that he was busy with his family. She urges Vanraj to allow him to marry or stay back in his house. Vanraj hugged Kavya. Leela worries about Kavya’s presence at home and remembers the past. She wonders if Kavita is doing the drama.

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