Anupama Today Episode 4 Saptember 2020

Anupama Today Episode 4 Saptember 2020, Vanraj meets Anupama outside Paritosh’s room, before he goes inside he holds her hand and stops her.

Anupama shows him sleeping pills, he gets shattered upon seeing. He says that his son came home drunk and got these pills from his pocket.

He says that he used to get angry at his parents too, but did not get out of the house in anger. He asks for time to change or they don’t know how to behave like a parent and they cry (the title song plays in the background).

Anirudh talks about his past memories with Kavya. She tells him to stop living in the past and warns her that if she is staying at her house then stay within her limits.

He asks what she will do if she crosses the border and usually angry girls go to her mother’s house but will she go to her boyfriend’s house.

She says that if she had shown this interest in him earlier, they would no longer be fighting for divorce. He says that he is probably not attentive to her but he was loyal to her and he says that she does not understand how she ends up as a second woman.

She says that she is probably happy but she is not happy to see him as another woman and says that he did not let her be like this for a lifetime. He says that he did not take leave from his life so easily.

Dolly now asks Vanraj who will talk to Paritosh. Leela asks Vanraj not to scold Paritosh. She says that she can forgive Paritosh for her actions but cannot tolerate anything should happen to her.

Leela’s brother says that there is no time to get angry, they should handle it carefully and explain it with love. Anupama says that she will understand him and he will listen to her.

Vanraj says that he trusted him but he could not manage the house and now he is responsible for whatever is happening. He says that she just ends up in the kitchen and has failed to make room in her child’s heart.

He says that he is ready to trust her again and gives one last chance to fix everything in one day. He asks that he trust himself, if he fails he will do it in his own way.

Anupama says that she can and will do for her son. She goes to Paritosh’s room and watches her son sleep.

She says that she does not know what she will do but she will do it for her and she can even fight God for her happiness.

The next day, Anupama gives lemonade to Paritosh. He hugs her from behind and apologizes to her that she should not behave like that. Vanraj sees her and leaves from there.

Anupama says that she realizes her mistake and asks him to promise that she will never repeat that mistake.

Leela says that Vanraj did wrong by giving Anupama another chance, the whole drama in her house was caused by Anupama. He leaves without saying anything.

Anupama says that Paritosh is his brave son and advises him how to cope with difficult situations in life. She says that Vanraj may be angry at her but she loves him too.

She says that she will have to fight for herself and her family will fight against the world for her.

She says that she will keep her promise and asks him to give her some time. He says he has faith in her but is not seeing any hope and his depression continues to grow.

He says that he wants happiness, positivity but he is breaking down and is not able to help her and feel helpless. He tells her to save her and cries.

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