Anupama Today Episode 5 Saptember 2020

Anupama Today Episode 5 Saptember 2020, Anupama says that she has to meet Rakhi somehow today but she is not attending his call. Jillamil asks what she would do if she could not meet Rakhi.

Leela says, even if Anupama meets Rakhi, nothing will change given Rakhi’s character. She says that Vanraj gave her one day so she is silent but Anupama should not mess up again.

Rakhi prevents Kinjal from meeting Paritosh. Kinjal says that she will not even talk to him if she will not let him meet her and leaves from there in anger.

Anupama calls Rakhi’s driver to talk to Rakhi and pleads for Kinjal to meet her just once. Rakhi refused to meet her and cut the call.

Anupama gets worried thinking how to understand her now and she is shocked to see Vanraj. Kinjal’s father calls Anupama and informs her that Rakhi will meet him.

Anupama is happy to hear him and tells Jilmil. Kinjal’s father tells Rakhi that Anupama tries a lot in the happiness of her children, so she should also do something.

Rakhi decides to meet Anupama to break up the relationship. She is making some plans so that Anupama can break the alliance herself. Jillamil says there is nothing that Anupama cannot do.

Paritosh asks Anupama not to be late and she should not do anything that could embarrass Rakhi. He instructs her how and how to behave.

She remembers how he used to teach her everything when he was a child. She tells him to order not to say anything that she will not understand the menu and that she should not argue with Rakhi, instead she should keep peace. He begs Rakhi to convince her somehow.

She says that it is strange that she used to teach him everything when he was a child but now he is teaching her. Anupama arrives at the cafe to meet Rakhi.

Kavya was complaining to Vanraj about Anirudh but he was thinking something else and not focusing on her words. She notices and asks what he is doing. He says that he is worried because Anupama went to meet Rakhi.

He becomes enraged upon hearing her and says that he is sharing his problems with her but he is worried about his wife. She says that she knows what is happening in her house.

She says that she knows what is happening in her life but does she know what is happening in her life.

She says that she is so selfish that she does not even care about what is happening in her life and she thinks that Anirudh is right about her.

Anirudh comes there and says that he should focus on his marital life to save her so that his lover can also focus on his family.

Vanraj tells her to stay away from Kavya. Anirudh warns him to stay away from his wife and they fight among themselves. Kavya yells at them and leaves from there. Anirudh says that he will take over his wife and asks Vanraj to take care of his wife.

The cafĂ© staff shows Anupama the table which was reserved by Rakhi. Leela eagerly awaits Anupama’s call. Leela’s brother bullies her for it.

Vanraj calls Anupama and says that she is his wife and warns him not to spoil her honor. Rakhi taunts her for using that cheap mobile.

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