Anupama Written Update 15 December

Anupama Written Update 6 December 2021

Anupama Written Update 6 December 2021, Vanraj says a person marry to get one blind dating but Kavya cheated the identical bond. He accuse Kavya for ditching him. Vanraj says he’s worn-out due to Kavya’s insecurity. He asks Kavya if she don’t forget while remaining time they had a good communication and spend time together.

Kavya asks Vanraj despite of fights he spend time with Anupama. Vanraj highlights due to the fact he married to Anupama but he loved Kavya hence her small actions have an effect on him. Partiosh and Kinjal stares at each different.

Vanraj adds he’s worn-out being with Kavya but he wants to give up the whole thing. Kavya says she already returned the house to Leela and Hasmukh. Vanraj says regardless of of that he can’t stay along with her because love from his aspect is over.

He says he can’t love Kavya anymore due to the fact in their bond no respect and love is left. Vanraj says he in no way cherished Anupama but has continually reputable latter. But with Kavya it is over now. Vanraj asks Kavya to sign the divorce papers.

Kavya gets indignant and says she isn’t always Anupama who will component her way without problems. She provides she can die but will not give divorce to Vanraj.

Vanraj says he will see. Kavya accuse Anupama for all mess. She threatens Anupama and says she can respond her returned quickly. There, Vanraj think Kavya desires to present divorce to him due to the fact he don’t need to preserve any relation with her. He says he just wants to awareness on himself now.

Here, Anuj says to Anupama to attend to herself too. Anupama asks Anuj to take care of him and Gopi too. Later, Anupama aspect Kavya put up Leela quoted latter became at mistake. Aunpama says not each women can deal with divorce. Elsewhere, Kavya cries and thinks she can’t lose Vanraj. She says she can now not deliver divorce to Vanraj.

GK says to Anuj that Shah residence has plenty of trouble. Anuj says Shah’s is Anupama’s lifestyles and she is affected on every occasion some thing take place to her circle of relatives. GK asks Anuj to support Anupama. Elsewhere, Dolly urge Anupama to speak with Vanraj approximately losing the concept of divorce. Anupama says she don’t want to intervene in Vanraj’s lifestyles. Dolly says Samar, Pakhi and others gets affected too.

Kavya urge Vanraj not to leave her. Vanraj asks Kavya to sign the papers. Dolly pleads Anupama to address the situation. Kavya promise Vanraj that she will be able to change for him. Vanraj says their story ends here.

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