Anupamaa Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 1 Saptember 2020, Anupama rebukes Pakhi on behalf of Pakhi apologizing to Kavya. Kavya remembers the moments she shared with Vanraj.

Anupama says that not everyone is like Kavya, others abuse the faith and say why Vanraj scolds Pakhi.

She says that Dolly always teases that Vanraj is so pretty that every girl in the office breaks down on him, but she didn’t care because she knows that Kavya would have informed him if something like this happens.

She says she has full faith in him and was about to take him inside. Samar comes there and tells Kavya that her mother is very tight.

On the other hand, Kinjal yells at Paritosh to pressure her parents to talk to her about her marriage and asks why she cannot talk to her parents.

He says that he talked with them but no one is listening to him. She says that no one hears her in her house and suggests talking to Anupama, only to say that she can understand them.

He says that no one hears his mother in his house so there is no use. She asks him not to do such a thing in front of his mother. She says she has full faith in him and does not like him when she insults him.

She says that she does not know what she will do and how but only she has to. He says that when both of them love each other then why should he only exclude.

She says why her mother did not listen to her and she cannot go against her mother. She suggests him a breakup then both can live happily in their house.

He tells her not to tell him that he will die again without her in his life and says that no one can love him like he does. She asks him to do something soon if he really loves her and goes from there.

Anupama tells Kavya that she used to understand them easily when her children were young, but now they talk a lot but she is unable to understand what they mean. She says she became a mother but failed to be a good mother.

Kavya says that she is not a mother but as a daughter she can say that she never saw a good mother from Anupama.

She says that her children are lucky that Anupama is their mother. Anupama thanks her and goes inside to fetch water for her. Kavya is shocked to see Sanjay there. She says from there that she has an important meeting.

Anupama asks Sanjay to talk to Leela and says that she is very sad and would like it if she talks with him. He says that Dolly tells him about Paritosh and Vanraj’s fight and everything will be alright. She says that she knows but her heart is not obeying.

At the office, Vanraj apologizes to Kavya, saying that he left without telling her and says that Sanjay did not tell anyone anything, so they do not need to worry about him.

Kavya remembers Anupama and Pakhi and starts crying. He says that Sanjay did not tell anyone. She says that they know what they are doing. He asks if anyone told him anything.

She says that Anupama trusts her very much and Sanjay is such a settled man that he does not tell anyone and they are cheating good people.

She says that there is no right or wrong in love, but friendship is not like that, Anupama considers her as his friend and she can no longer do the same to him.

Sanjay asks Anupama if he feels jealous seeing Kavya come to his house many times. Anupama says when there is trust there is no room for jealousy.

Kavya says that Anupama’s faith hurts her so they have to end their relationship. Vanraj says that Anupama is just his wife, mother of his children and daughter-in-law to Leela, but she doesn’t love him in the future, that doesn’t change.

He says that even though it is wrong to break someone’s trust, but still he does not regret it.

He says that he feels alive because of Kavya. She hugs him. Leela asks Anupama to make more efforts to save the family. Samar tells them that Paritosh is missing and Kinjal informs him.

Anupama consoles Kinjal and becomes worried for the gratification. Samar told about Vanaraja’s disappearance of Paritosh. Vanraj withdraws from the post.

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