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Anupamaa Today Episode 10 August 2020, Aniruddha complains that Vanraj did not welcome him. Vanraj says this is not his office house and he should knock on the door before entering. Aniruddha says that nowadays people don’t even knock before getting into a relationship. Kavya said she was about to leave the house.

Aniruddha says the flight arrived on time and there was no traffic so he came to get a duplicate key from her. Kavya and Aniruddha were about to leave but Vanraj stops her saying that they have met now. Kavya said she has completely forgotten about it. Aniruddha says she will stay in the canteen until the meeting is over and whatever happens today will just go home together.

Anupamya was shocked to see Devika and remembers Vanraj’s blow. Devika gives the best teacher award to Anupama and introduces herself to Anupama’s children. Hearing the sound, Leela came there and Devika came again.

Devika was going to hug him in excitement but then takes blessings from her. Devika said that Anupama talks a lot about her children so that even if she met them for the first time and guessed everyone’s name, she could easily guess them. Anupama is of the opinion that Vanraj will get angry if he sees Devika.

Vanraj and Kavya were talking in a video call and Aniruddha interrupts them. So Kavya stopped the call and Vanraj got angry. Aniruddha says she looks good in her night dress. She asks what he is doing. He says they are still appreciating her despite her rights. She says she knows what he’s doing, it’s just his past and she can’t spoil her present because of him.

Anupam asked that Devika is not late. The next day she will go to Mumbai, Anupika decided to stay at her house, said Devika. Everyone was shocked to hear her.

Leela’s brother introduced Devika to Vanraj. Devika said that Anupam is lucky to have a loving and loyal husband like Vanraj. She said she was unlucky in the case and said her husband cheated on her along with her secretary. She asked if Vanraj had any problem staying at home tonight.

Vanraj says he has no problem. Anupama’s children get excited and plan to spend time with Devika. Anupama tells Vanraj that she does not know about Devika’s arrival. He asks her to spend time with Devika. She asks if he feels bad. He says it doesn’t matter because no one cares about his or her preferences. He slapped her for not listening to her. Samar listens to them and is disappointed with Vanraj.

Leela asks Anupama not to forget fasting. Anupama said how can she forget when she does it for her children.

Devika misses Vanraj’s call history by mistake. She says no one can tell by looking at the pots she makes that she doesn’t like cooking. Everyone is shocked. She says Anupama loved books because she is a worm. She says that if Anupama was a topper and had not got married, she would have done any government job.

Anupam asked Devika to stop talking. Paritosh says he doesn’t know about Anupama’s school life. Pakhi said she didn’t even know she was at the top of the school. Devika says that Anupamya got value not only in studies, but also in classical dance.

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