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Anupamaa Today Episode 11 August 2020, Devika says that a man used to bother her a lot, he didn’t change even after complaining about her, then Anupama taught her a lesson in her way.

Leela’s brother asks how she changed him? Devika says that Anupama slapped him in front of everyone. Everyone was shocked to hear her. Summer says he is very proud of Anupama.

Devika asks that even Vanraj is not proud of her now. He says she never told him about all this. Devika says one should not underestimate her mother. Summer agrees with her. Anupama speaks loudly and tells them to eat. Devika called her to join. Pakhi says Anupama always eats.

Kavya calls Vanraj, he thinks about Aniruddha. She says he’s watching TV. He asks as he is harassed by Aniruddha. She says she can’t do anything with him so he doesn’t have to worry about her. She says he knows how much she loves Vanraj so he does something to irritate her. If Aniruddha bothers her, he tells her to call. She tells him to sing, saying it’s been a long time. Kavya is asleep listening to his song, Aniruddha takes her mobile and asks Vanraj to sing for him too.

Pakhi says she doesn’t know that Anupama was very nice during her school days. Devika asked Anupama to join them instead of always working. She tells him to dance. Pakhi says she dances with Samar but they have never seen her.

Devika was surprised that she had never seen Anupam dancing. Anupama tries to get out of there, but Devika stops saying that if she doesn’t deny it, she will reveal her secret.

Samar asks her what secret she is talking about. Anupama said it is no secret and agrees to dance. Then everyone joins Anupama in the dance. Anupama’s children start whistling, she told him to stop making noise otherwise Vanraj could hear.

Samar asked Devika to tell this secret now. Devika says that this is another secret and seeing Anupama dancing, the most handsome boy in her class has fallen for her. After that, she says that her son Anuj was very crazy for her. Vanraj listened to him.

Devika says that Anuj had come to propose to Anupama on Valentine’s Day with his mother’s bangle but she did not come to the college that day. The next day, she says, the alliance proposal came from Vanraj. While talking about Devraj Anuj, Vanraj remembers.

Devika tells Anupam that after marriage she became a super lady and asks how she handles everything. Vanraj says that he has heard the news of Devika talking about Anuj and has asked Anupam if she had not come up with a marriage proposal, she would have said yes to Anuj’s proposal or not. Anupama seems to have said that he did not listen to them completely and after seeing him he says that she has forgotten even about her dreams. Vanraj smiled at her.

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