Anupamaa Today Episode 12 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 12 August 2020, Vanraj was asking Anupama to spend time with Devika but he has an office in the morning and take care that the children have to go to school. Anupama says yes and leaves. He calls Kavya and remembers Aniruddha’s words. Devika says that we are spending a lot of time together, maybe your family doesn’t like it, because I am getting a divorce. Anupama didn’t say, Ba just swears, Vanraj has sent me to you, are you happy? Devika says when relationships are names it was a burden, I tried to handle my marriage, but both should try, my husband was in a relationship with their secretary, I loved him so much and believed in my lies, heart and relationship broke, I was mine Don’t give up, I’m free and happy now. Stay as Anupama said. Devika asked her to tie her hair. She says you are lucky to have a loving husband and beautiful children, have a perfect family, a person should love himself too, you forgot yourself.

Anupama asks why do you say that? Devika says you will stay at last, how did you lose your job, I found out from Samar, I don’t need to understand the reason, this is not the app that I came to meet, dance was a worship, love you, live for yourself you know, I said Not to say that family love is wrong on you, you can be alone when the kids settle down. Anupama said, no, Vanraj and I will have time to spend when the children sit down. Devika jokes and laughs. The bird tells Anupama to let her sleep. Devika says promise me, you will never stop living, you will shake and dance, remember your name, become something, but let Anupama be Anupama, promise me, you will find the lost Anupam again. Anupama promises and smiles. Sam looks up smiling. Devika said if you have any problem I am just a phone call away. Anupama thanks her. They have a fight with Usha and have a laugh. Samar talks to Varun. Varun sends a video of the girl. Summer says her. Varun says I just got CCTV footage, I can’t find her name. Summer got to see her tattoo and her name starts with N. Varun says then find her on social media. Summer says I’m not a despo. He ends the call and dreams about the girl. City darling… .. game.

In the morning, Jhilmil comes and says you look happy. Anupama says that my friend has come and that is why I am happy. Jhilmil says your friend is great. Devika greets Vanraj and says I wanted to say goodbye to you. Vanraj says I hope you are not bothered. Devika never said, we had a good time, take care of my friend, she is special. Vanraj says exactly, what is your job in Mumbai? Poetry comes. Vanraj greets her with a smile. Devika is seen. Anupama asked Kavya to have breakfast. He introduces poetry to the goddess. He asked Kavya to sit down. Mama Ji asks him to get a movie ticket. Kavya told them to watch Dead Pool, this is a great movie, we saw it last week, I went with my friend. Anupama remembers the ticket.

Ba says I’m looking for my 5 coin. Mama G says I got that coin, that’s it. He laughs and gives. He tells her not to watch anymore. Where does she think she went? Mama Ji says Anupama had gone to leave her friend, she will come. Ba said that Devika is affecting Anupama, not knowing what fight she will start now. Devika said I want to tell you something, listen to me before reacting. Anupama tells her to say. Devika says that Kavya and Vanraj work together, you are sure we have nothing but friendship, I think there are some grandchildren in it. She says the family knows this last, everyone knows. Anupama does not utter words against my new husband. Devika said I know it is not so easy to bear against a husband, but I will say it, I think there is a relationship between Vanraj and Kavya. Anupama puts her hand on her and stops. Devika was shocked.

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