Anupamaa Today Episode 13 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 13 August 2020, Anupama said that Devika is her friend so if someone had killed that person then why doesn’t she slap him? She says Vanraj is her pride. She knows nothing but she knows how to believe, faith is her life. She says that her husband will not give her rights to anyone else and pleads with Devika not to say anything against him.

Devika says Anupama saw the house but she saw the world, she knows what friendship is and what other relationships are. Anupamia says that Devika is also working and talking to men, how can she be judged after she first met Kavya today. She says she has known Kavya for many years and also knows how much trouble she had to go through to get to where she is now. Kavya is her children’s friend and Kavya is her job partner.

Devika said that a wife can see anything but her husband’s lie. Anupraj says Vanraj never lies, she believes in her life believing in her but not in her husband.

Kavya says that sometimes she gets angry at Vanraj but when she looks at his side, she feels proud of herself and he looks cute now. Anupama said that not every man is the same and Kavya certainly misunderstood Vanraj. She said she fights like any other normal couple but he loves her very much.

Devika says her intention was not to hurt her, just to warn her. She doesn’t want Anupam to face what she has to face. Anupama says that will not happen. Devika said that she will never lose anything but this time she wants to lose and pray to God for Anupama’s victory.

Kavya said her niece needs to be relocated urgently. Vanraj apologizes to her for forgetting that. He suggests PG or hostel. She says her niece’s time won’t let her stay as a PG. She said her niece should stay in her house. He thinks that if her niece stays with Kavya, she can’t go to her house. He says there is a house available in front of his house and if her niece stays there, she will get a chance to visit him. She thanked him for solving her problem.

Anupama prepared for the Janmashtami puja and asked Samar to dance to impress Vanraj. Samar teases Parijatosh there when he sees Kinjal. Kinjal was surprised to see the preparations. Anupama asked Leela to invite Kinjal’s family for worship. Leela allows them to invite. Kinjal said she wants to help Anupama prepare. Paritosh says they have to go somewhere. Kinjal says they can go later. Samar met Rakhi’s daughter.

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