Anupamaa Today Episode 14 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 14 August 2020, Samar and Nandini argue. He tells her to apologize. She tells him to step aside. He stops her and asks what my house is. What she asks doesn’t look like it. He goes and jumps off the wall. He thinks he even jumped on the wall. Anupama fell down.

Nandini grabbed her. Everyone yells at Anupama and runs towards her. She asks if she is OK. Ba asks are you okay? She says if anything happens to her, I have to do all the work. Mama who speaks selfishly. Anupama says I’m fine, thank you for holding me. Nandini says maybe Lord for this.

Anupama asks you… Nandini says I am Nandini Iyer, Kavya is my aunt. The bird says you are nice. Nandini says that Kavya told me to take the keys of the house, you are really sweet. Baa asks if you haven’t found a house in the city. Nandini says that I have come from America last week, there are restrictions in PG and hostels, I am doing Ph.D in classical dance, I am learning from Guru Madhurima Mehta.

Anupama said she is really smart. Nandini asks do you know her? Summer says my mom is also a classical dancer. Nandini looks at him. She says I can learn from you. Anupama said I should learn from you. Summer says dance doesn’t come through words.

Nandini says that the dancers do not understand this. She asks for the key. Anupama asks her if she can get some food. Samar asks Sitla Do you know about the seventh ritual? Anupama says she doesn’t know it. Nandini said her Sitala Mata day, mother fasts for her children, the stove was turned off that day, I know about it. Everyone is smiling.

“I don’t know much about it because I’m in India,” says Kinjal. Anupama said I am happy to meet you, you stay abroad and have not forgotten your values, you are loving. Summer smiled. Anupama takes the keys and asks Samar to show Nandini the house. Nandini goes.

Anupama said she is sweet and cherished, she knows about dances and festivals, I love Patel’s house, I can learn a lot, I will have two friends Kinjal and Nandini. Summer says it’s home. Nandini scolds him. He tells her to go and see. She thanks Vanraj and Anupama. She loves home. She thinks Anupama is really good, I can adjust with Summer. She gives a voice message to Kavya to finish the house.

Aniruddha and Kavya come home. He takes care of her. He says let me be a friend. He says I still love you so much, I know you can’t forget me. He hugged her. He has a dream of a monkey. Vanraj got angry. He looks at Nandini. He thinks I told Kavya about this house, if I did something wrong, it could cause problems for me and Kavya.

Nandini gives the key to Anupama and says I like this house. She scolds Samar. She says I will shift home soon, I like that it’s just the opposite of your house. Anupam asked her to come to the Janmashtami program with Kavya. Nandini says exactly. Vanraj sees. Nandini greets him. She says I have decided about the house, I will go now. Kinjal asks I’ll leave you.

Nandini said, yes, I have … says Samar Chakra. Nandini said the environment is good for her, only her legs should be strong, I will keep coming. She goes. Anupama goes to give water to Vanraj. She says I have invited Kinjal and her parents tomorrow, Bane Kavya, you know.

Vanraj asks why you invited her to her niece, also to her ex-husband Aniruddha. She asked if I had done anything wrong. He says I helped Kavya’s niece, it doesn’t mean you have a relationship, she can’t come home every day, her parents are divorcing, she will have stability issues, I don’t think we should all visit her. She says the girl is great, I like it, it’s not her fault, Kavya is also getting a divorce, I don’t understand what I did wrong, sorry if you’re angry. She goes. He got the message of poetry. She says sorry, I can’t come tomorrow, we have to go to the lawyer about the divorce.

Vanraj stops Anupama and says you are right, the girl is not to blame for her parents getting divorced, Kavya can’t come, Nandini won’t come, she will feel weird, you make sure Kavya is coming all day, you have to convince her. Anupama said I will call her. She goes. Vanraj thinks that Kavya, Janmashtami will be memorable for you.

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