Anupamaa Today Episode 17 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 17 August 2020, Anupama with Paroposh Kinjal. He smiled at Kinjal. She tells them to spend time together and come back, otherwise there will be an argument. She goes. Paritosh Counselors Kinjal and Hugs her.

Anupama Sita Vanraj and Hasu. She says I kinjal deck up, she looks beautiful, she said her parents will come sometime, I talked to Kavya, she said, Nandini and she will come. He says Great, we will celebrate like a happy family. He smiled. Ba dance.

Bapu ji jokes. She asks when you come back. He says I will come back home, happiness is not everything in life. Dolly. Sanjay and Meenu come home. Ba asks her if she didn’t wear a sari.

Dolly told her not to wear the problem, the sari is not comfortable. Ba says Anupama wears a sari all day and works. Dolly says you appreciate her.

Samar welcomed Paritosh and Kinjal. Anupama introduced Kinjal. Dolly compliments her and says I am sure Anupama made made ready. Ba said girls look beautiful in sarees, if your saree was not burnt while giving iron, you would look beautiful.

Minu is telling her not to lie. Dolly does the job, says Ba Kinjal. Vanraj comes. Everyone appreciates it. Vanraj says you look great, Anupama Made Made you are ready, I understand, you have values ​​like Anupama.

Smiling at Anupama. Kavya comes there and sees them. He asks when you arrive. He ignores her. Poems for thanking Anupam. Kavya said, thank you for inviting me to the family function, Nandini will end the phone call and come. She signs Vanraj. He asked Anupama to start this function.

Anupama introduced Kinjal to the guests. Kinjal takes her mother’s call. It disconnects. She says I didn’t tell my mother that she was here, sorry I lied, she told me not to come here, she wouldn’t scare me if I handled her. The light goes out. Paritosh asks her to come. The lights come on.

Anupama tells about Kanha’s birthday. Summer applause. Nandini comes. He smiles at her. Anupama asks why are you late, now you want to stay up late. Nandini said don’t worry, I will stay. Samar greets Nandini. She goes. Vanraj says I hope you are enjoying yourself. Nandini got a call from Aniruddha. He tells her to ask. He goes to worship.

Kinjal texts her mother that she is busy. She turns off the phone and puts it down. Worship Vanraj and Anupama Kanha. Poetry appears. Summer Sis Nandini. Summer asks Anupama to dance, then he will join her.

Vanraj sees Kavya busy on the phone. He tells Anupama to dance, everyone should know how good the heroine is. Smiling at Anupama. Ba says Vanraj will also dance, he used to dance so well in school, for me, Vanraj and Anupama are real Radha and Krishna. Anupama is happy. Bless the love and happiness of Ba Vanraj and Anupama.

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