Anupamaa Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 2 Saptember 2020, Leela, they say that they should complain to the police about Paritosh’s disappearance. Leela’s brother tells her to trust God and Paritosh will return.

Anupama is worried about gratification. Leela accuses Anupama that she should not have started the topic of marriage, that’s why everything happened. Shah family gets shocked after seeing drunk drunk

Paritosh tells Anupama that she is indeed alright but her happiness is no longer with her. He says that no one cares for him, even if he is not happy.

He says that he was in so much pain as to why he took the help of alcohol and that he was about to slip away and Sanjay and Samar tried to catch him, but he did not take his help, saying that he did not need anyone’s shelter. .

Paritosh insults his family. He says that he and Meenu are the same and says that his family cannot take care of him, just as his family cannot. Sanjay and Dolly are shocked to hear him. Summer gestures Paritosh to be quiet.

Paritosh says that Samar does nothing in his life, yet he is Anupama’s favorite. He goes to Pakhi and says that she is weak in studies, but when she starts crying, her parents will not tell anything.

He says that no one listens to him because he is not the ideal son of this family. He says that he tried to become an ideal son by going to college and still nobody cares about him and he is not anyone’s favorite.

Paritosh goes to Anupama and was about to talk about Vanaraja. Anupama warns him not to say anything about Vanraj. He says that Vanraj is like a king full of arrogance and aggression.

He says that Anupama is not his mother, but she is his enemy. She says that she took away every happiness from him because she could not see him happy.

He says it would have been better if he had been an orphan if he had parents like him. Hearing this, Anupama slaps her and asks others not to interfere between them.

Anupama says that she is lucky to have the opportunity to live with her grandparents, saying they are God’s blessings but they taunt her.

She says that Leela’s brother forgets many things but she does not forget to love her grandson. She says that when she was a child it was Dolly who cared for him more than him and beat him up for mistreating Sanjay.

Sanjay tries to stop her. She says that Samar had not left her home for a girl and did not insult family members like Paritosh.

She says that as an elder son, if he commits such mistakes, what will his siblings learn from him. She says that a mother can become weak or anything but she can never become an enemy to her children.

She says that a mother can sacrifice her life for her child but not everyone understands it and Parishosh is that type of child.

She says that he promised her that he would be married to Kinjal, but she could not wait and did not trust him. She says that she does not care about her family’s feelings and at this stage comes home and kills her.

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