Anupamaa Today Episode 20 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 20 August 2020, Summer said that you misbehaved with Mummy, come and say sorry, she is not a door mat or punching bag, she is our friend. Paritosh says that she is also my mother, the truth is that she is different from Rakhi.

Summer says that you will say sorry to him. Paritosh says that my relationship broke up due to Rakhi and Vanraj. Summer says you insulted him. Argument. Pakhi comes and makes a noise. She cries.

Anupama cries while sitting in the temple. Summer comes to her and hugs her. She says why it happens, how I always make mistakes, everything was great, everyone was happy. He cries.

Vanraj feels that everything has gone bad because of my foolish wife and my son is blaming me. He says that I supported Anupama, but Rakhi was right about him. Anupama gets prasad for her.

He says that I did it after Aarti. He lies to sleep. He says that Grandma found him for me. Anupama sees Paritosh sad and says that he does not know how much Rakhi is scolding Kinjal. Rakhi says that Paritosh is Anupama’s son. Kinjal says that she is such a lovely woman.

Rakhi says that the bonding of mummy and son will be strong, I know he is a modern boy, but he stands by those values, he would expect the same from his wife, the way his mummy works for everyone , He idols his dad, you have everyone treated Anupama like that.

Kinjal says that it is not so. Rakhi says that everyone changes as soon as they get married. Kinjal says that Anupama will support me. Rakhi says that she cannot support herself. She says I love you and care about you, I did not let you do it. Paritosh calls Kinjal. They look at the phone.

On its morning, Anupama serves food to all. He feels that Vanraj is looking for Paritosh. Vanaraja asks Samar to let Paritosh sleep. Summer took no. Vanraj asks if he was studying. Summer took no.

Vanraj asks if he was talking on the phone. He says oh, brother code, of course. He sees Paritosh and asks for his phone. Anupama and Samar prayed.

Vanraj locks the phone and watches. He unlocks it and says how can I forget my date of birth. He looks at the call log. He throws the phone and goes away. Ba blames Anupama. Anupama feels that it was my fault, I will not let the family break up. Ba asks him to stop there.

Vanraj remains upset. Kavya comes and says that I was silent with that drama, what was that all about, why did you behave strangely, you ignored me, I was worried all night, I went bye and came, but you didn’t see me, You were doing Raslila with your wife in front of me. He says yes, I will with my wife.

Anupama says that I cannot stop today. She looks at a tableau. She prays and leaves. Vanraj says that we started this relationship because we were fed up with our lives, our peace is missing, we love each other but can’t trust, I have a heart relationship, I can smile because of you Huh, when we have issues my wife and your husband, I feel sad, I don’t want to fight you, can we only love each other. She hugs him and says sorry.

He also says sorry. She asks how Paritosh is, yet is upset. He says I should be upset, Rakhi insults us and he just keeps looking, he sees nothing but Kinjal, the love that ends the difference between good and evil is madness,

I can’t believe that he Rakhi can bow in front, did Rakhi think that we will be begging her to combine, we will not see her face again. Anupama reaches Rakhi’s house and rings the bell. She says I have an anomaly Rakhi asks who.

Anupama says Paritosh’s mummy Rakhi smiled. Servant opens the door. Anupama sees Rakhi.

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