Anupamaa Today Episode 22 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 22 August 2020, Pritosh said that you are being selfish, your ego is smaller than my happiness, I will die, you cannot give up your ego to save your son’s life, what kind of father you are. Anupama stops Pritosh and says that I will slap you twice, I cannot hear the insult of my husband and see the abuse of your son, you are not older than your father, your father loves you very much, I will marry you Kinjal but not by losing my husband’s respect.

Vanraj says that it is no use to convince a son who has left his father in a moment. Pritosh says what is the use of such parents, your ego is everything to you, you have insulted Rakhi, I did not know that you will ask me to forget Kinjal, you took away my happiness Hai, your love is a debt to me, I have always pay EMI, I have lost my love and I will lose my life now. They get shocked.

Summer tells him to stop, he is saying wrong. Pritosh asks will you give me knowledge, you will get away. He shouts that you have taken away my kinkle, you don’t love me, you just pretend, I can’t pretend, I can’t live with you under the same roof, I want to leave this house. They get shocked. Vanraj asks why are you waiting, the door is open, get out. he gets angry. He shouts I said get out.

Ba cries. Pritosh says its ok. Anupama has the hand of Vanraj and Pritosh. They both turn away. She cries and asks Vanraj to stop her. Samar tells Pritosh to calm down. Pritosh packed the bag. Samar says you are Dad’s pride, if you leave me, he will break, beat me, but I do not let you go, please listen to me, I did not let you go. He hugs Pritosh. Pritosh says go away, no one can stop me, take care. Summer cries.

Anupama stops Pritosh. Vanraj shouted to Pritosh. Summer expresses anger in the room. Vanraj says that your phone … Pritosh says that this too is broken like a house relationship, useless. Anupama asks her to listen. Vanraj stopped Anupama. He says that if you step in as a mother, do not return as a wife. She cries sitting at the door. The gratification goes away. Anupama… .plays…

Ba cries. Samar asks Vanraj to scold her, their contact is not broken. He rushes to give Pritosh his phone. Pritosh says that I will apologize to Kinjal’s parents and make everything right, my ego is no bigger than my love, I love him very much. Samar says that you are going away from home, do not go away from the heart, you are upset, it happens, you cannot break the relationship, mom and dad may have made a mistake, but the truth will not change that they Think about Pritosh says there is no point arguing, I will come back after marrying Kinjal, it will not be told at home.

Samar says that elders do not like to make mistakes, can you live without family. Uncle Shanti Ba Bala says that it all happened because of Anupama. Mama says that Anupama’s family too broke up, at least think of Vanara and calm down. Vanraj is sitting sad. He cries. Anupama sees him.

Vanraj held him. He takes her inside the house. Nandini sees Samar and thinks about her family. She hopes that everything in their family goes well. Summer comes home. Anupama and Vanraj look towards the door. Summer says I have given the phone.

Anupama asks where he went. Summer says when he calls, I will ask him. Pakhi comes from school and sees them. Summer takes him. Anupama imagines the moments and smile of Vanraj and Pritosh, she sees him sad and weeps. He also imagines Pritosh with Anupama and smiles. He cries again. She says she had no idea where she went.

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