Anupamaa Today Episode 24 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 24 August 2020, Rakhi stops crying by telling Kinjal that Paritosh must have listened to his parents. Paritosh comes there and says that he listens to his family, not his heart.

Kinjal smiled upon hearing her. He says that everything that happened in his house was terribly wrong and he tried hard to convince his father that his ego was so big that he refused to agree to his condition, so he left his home left. He says that he left his home, his family and everything for Kinjal, now standing in front of him.

Anupama tells Vanraj that don’t worry Parishosh will come back. He says that Paritosh did not go for a walk to return. She says that as a child, she used to go to the park in anger and would leave the house with her school bag.

Vanraj says that he used to return when he was hungry and said that this time his son will not return. She says that he will definitely come back to her and asks Vanraj not to get angry after returning.

On the return of Paritosh, Vanraj says that no one could be happier than him. She says she will call him. Vanraj says that he switched off his mobile.

Rakhi says that she knows that Kinjal and Paritosh love each other very much, even though she likes him, but she cannot let her daughter come into her world.

She says that this marriage can happen if she is ready to enter her world. She says that she should stay in her house after marriage. Paritosh was shocked to hear her.

Vanraj says that he is the father and he has every right to scold her. If Paritosh had shown his stubbornness as usual, he would have agreed with her, as if he had met all her demands till now.

He says he was his son’s hero, but suddenly becomes a villain and wonders what he did wrong in his upbringing. He tells of Paritosh’s childhood memories and says that he did not return this time. Anupama was shattered after seeing him like this.

Paritosh tells the servant that he will dine with the other family members. Rakhi says that she already finished her dinner and asked her to eat alone and left from there. Shah family remembers Paritosh at dinner

Anupama also filled Paritosh’s plate. Summer consoles him, saying that his brother must have eaten. Does not feel like eating food alone. Vanraj also goes without eating anything.

Samar and Pakhi remember Paritosh and cry thinking about him. Paritosh was unable to sleep in his new room. Anupama keeps trying to call him.

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