Anupamaa Today Episode 26 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 26 August 2020, Anupama tells Samar to leave and goes to Pakhi from the cigarette pocket and asks if it is her.

Pakhi says that her friend has not put her in her bag to harass her and she is telling Samar the same thing, but she did not believe him. She swears to God that she does not smoke.

Anupama says that Pakhi does not need to swear as she knows that she did not do anything wrong and did not even lie. Pakhi hugged her and cried and thanked her for trusting him.

Anupama says that this trust should come from both sides and asks her mother to tell her that no one bothers her or anything happens by trusting her mother.

Pakhi asks him not to tell this thing to Vanraj. Anupama says that she did not tell him and she will tell Samar to shut up. Pakhi says that she misses Paritosh a lot and does not feel like going to school.

Anupama says that she is confident that she will come back.

Anupama tells Vanraj that after talking to Leela she is confident that she will definitely get the news of gratification. They walk out hearing the horn of the car and are shocked to see Rakhi.

Samar thinks that it will become a big problem if she tells that Parishosh stays in her house. Rakhi says that she first thought of calling but then decided to inform her personally.

Vanraj asks what is the reason for his drama. Rakhi says that Paritosh came to her house after leaving her house. Vanraj was shocked to hear that.

Rakhi says that she apologizes to him, saying that she loves Kinjal a lot. She says that she tried to make him understand that his parents should not leave for a girl, but she was adamant so he accepted her seeing her stubbornness.

Anupama asks that she is okay with Paritosh and Kinjal’s marriage. Rakhi says that she was ready for her marriage earlier too but kept only one condition.

Vanraj says that the condition will not be met. Rakhi says that she knows that so she put another condition in front of Paritosh and she too immediately agreed.

Anupama asks what was the condition. Rakhi says that after marriage she asked him to stay in her house. Everyone was shocked to hear him. Rakhi leaves from there saying how happy she is at her house.

The furious Vanraj cut all ties with Paritosh and said that the Shah family has no connection since and no one will take his name. He says that from today, Parishosh is dead for him. Paritosh remembers the moments he shared with his parents.

Kinjal’s father asks him to think again about his decision and says that no one can be happy except his parents. Rakhi scolds her and says that it is about her pride and not just Kinjal’s love. He asks her to act like Paritosh, not Kinjal’s father.

Anupama tells Leela that she will bring Paritosh back home and it is Leela who teaches her that Turta is the mother’s greatest strength. She says that she is going to fulfill the responsibility of a mother and wife and begs God to allow her to succeed in this mission.

Kavya says that she cannot understand how Paritosh took this big decision and suggested to Vanraj to go on a long drive. She says that they did not get to spend time together. He says that she was busy with Anirudh, why it is so.

She says that she was just trying to make him happy. She says that she knows how upset he is, yet she is fighting him instead of understanding him.

She says that she started fighting. Anupama arrives at Kinjal’s house with Samar. She says that Paritosh left the house but she will take him back.

She says that she is not asking him to cut all ties with Kinjal’s family like she did with them and was about to hold their hands, but Rakhi comes in between them. She tells him not to come between her and her son.

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