Anupamaa Today Episode 27 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 27 August 2020, Rakhi says that Anupama was coming between Kinjal and her happiness but he did not let her succeed. Anupama says that the happiness of Kinjal and Paritosh is same, so why would she come in between.

Rakhi says that Anupama came to bring Paritosh as she wants Kinjal as her daughter-in-law but she cannot live happily in that middle class family. She asks what is the guarantee that all the people in her family do not treat Kinjal the same as they are treating Anupama. She says that Anupama will make Kinjal her own.

Samar asks Rakhi to stop and says that she has no right to insult her mother. When the elders are talking, Rakhi tells them to keep quiet. He says that if he did not cross the border, he would remain silent.

Anupama says that as a parent she has fulfilled her responsibility so far, but now her children have the right to make decisions for their lives and do not have a guarantee card for the future. She says that they tried to give them all the happiness, but that does not mean that they cannot choose their path.

She says that they should not stop their children just because they are afraid of the future, but they should stand next to them so that they can help their children whenever they need them. Rakhi says that she does not need to learn from Anupama what is right and wrong for her daughter.

Anupama says that Kinjal is her daughter and she will fulfill the promise made to her daughter and says that she did not come to play but to take the son. Rakhi says Paritosh went nowhere and asked her to let him know. Parishosh kept quiet.

Vanraj recognizes parody and breakdown. He says that Paritosh did not just break his pride, he broke it too and cries. Anupama grabs Paritosh’s hand and takes her with him.

Vanraj reaches home and asks Anupama to fetch water. Leela tells her brother that Vanraj is already angry and if he comes to know that Anupama had gone to fetch Paritosh, what would happen.

Vanraj asks Leela about Anupama if she says anything, Anupama comes there with Paritosh. He remembers Paritosh and Rakhi’s conversation and asks them not to enter his house.

He says that he has already warned her not to leave her son behind. If he does so, she must forget her husband, now she cannot live in her house. Anupama says that she went out for her husband because her heart was broken so she moved to bring her son back. She sneaks into the house with Paritosh and pushes him in front of Vanraj.

She says that everyone can see Vanraj’s anger but only he knows how hurt he is. She tells Paritosh that Vanraj had forgiven her for every mistake she had made so far, but this time she did not forgive him easily and had to get her forgiveness too.

Paritosh asks Vanraj to scold him, kill him, but he was not angry. He hugs her and cries. Vanraj left from there without saying anything. Leela says that Vanraj is still angry but everything will be alright. Anupama thanked God for the beginning.

Vanraj feels that Paritosh has lost faith in him, now he has earned it. Anupama prepared Paritosh’s favorite dish. Leela asks what Rakhi told about the wedding and she says that she does not have mother-in-law why she is like this.

Paritosh apologizes to Samar for killing him. Samar says that it is fine and tells him not to hurt Anupama and Vanraj. Pakhi says how Paritosh can leave her with Samar. Paritosh apologized to her. He hugs Anupama and cries. She says that she made and fed her favorite dessert.

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