Anupamaa Today Episode 29 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 29 August 2020, Vanraj scolds Pakhi for riding in a bike with friends, saying that he is sending her to school and studying to do nothing. He says that whatever happened today should not be repeated.

Pakhi says that she is only his friend and asks that she cannot even leave him. He says that he does not want the people of the colony to talk about him.

She says that she too chooses and leaves Kavya, which is wrong if she does but not for him. He gets angry and says that she can no longer teach him what is right and what is wrong.

Leela scolds Anupama, saying that she is spoiling her children. He asks Pakhi not to forget that he is her father before talking to her. Pakhi apologizes to her and leaves.

Leela tells him to struggle with his children or else they will leave the house one by one. Leela’s brother says that small mistakes happen at this age.

Anupama follows Pakhi and tells her that Vanraj is already worried about Paritosh and now he talks to her like this. She says Pakhi is not wrong but the way she has spoken with Vanraj is wrong.

Pakhi asks her to close the play, saying that Anupama can be a good wife and daughter-in-law but she cannot be a friend to her children. An iPhone gets confused by hearing that.

Pakhi says that the friends do not reveal each other’s secret. Anupama says that she is talking about her scars and school report, which she tells him.

Pakhi asks what is needed to tell those small things. She says that Anupama will tell her about the cigarette case too soon as Anupama does not care what she thinks and why she asks him to apologize to Leela even if she is at fault. She says that she sometimes loves Anupama with her sons.

Anupama asks how she can think like that. Pakhi says that Anupama always worries about gratification and summer.

She says Anupama went to Kinjal’s house for Paritosh, but today she did not take a stand for him as to why she hates him.

Leela provokes Vanraj against Pakhi. At that time Sanjay comes there and says that no one can know when small mistakes start destroying everything.

Anupama comes there and says that Sanjay has not informed her that he is coming home.

Sanjay says that he came to give ice cream and gives it to Anupama. He says that he caught Vanraj today otherwise he always comes late from office.

Anupama goes to prepare something to eat. Vanraj takes Sanjay with him.

Vanraj tells Sanjay that Kavya was fed up with his problems and he is just comforting her and he does not realize when he went overboard and tells her not to misunderstand.

He says that she is just a good friend of his. Sanjay says that one thing is definitely wrong that it can be what he thinks or their relationship.

He says that he does not want an explanation from Vanraj, but just wants to say that there is a separation between family and family friend.

He says that when the head of the family makes a mistake, the whole family will suffer.

He says that he and his wife also work and also know that they can have many friends but the relationship should be maintained with just one person.

He says that Anupama is like a sister to her and she is saying all this because it is about her happiness and faith.

He says that he is talking to her as Anupama’s brother and not as Dolly’s husband. He warns her that Anupama’s trust should not be lost.

Samar and Nandini argue with each other. He tells her to go see another house, he can’t afford it. She says that her friend had already suggested a home, but she did not go because she could not see him happy.

He asks why she is shifting by bicycle. She jokingly asks for a suitcase why she can say that.

He does such an act that he is shocked to hear and asks if she is really a girl as she had just brought a suitcase.

She says that physically or emotionally she doesn’t do anything extra. She gets a serious listen, then tells him not to ask her if she wants anything because she doesn’t have time for useless things.

Anupama says that Sanjay is stressed and asks if there is anything wrong with her.

Sanjay says that he only insists that he need not worry. She says she will pray for him. He says that he is very nice and innocent but not everyone is like him.

He promises her that he will not talk on her behalf and leaves Meenu from there.

Vanraj listens to her. Kavya remembers the restaurant incident and gets worried and asks Vanraj what happened. Vanraj says that Sanjay did not tell anything to Anupama. Anirudh made fun of Vanraj and Kavya’s relationship

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