Anupamaa Today Episode 29 July 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 29 July 2020, Sameer tells Anupama that Paritosh should tell her about his girlfriend and tell her not to cry. She grabs Samar’s ear and asks if she sees him crying baby. She says she’s angry that Paritosh told everyone but she doesn’t think she’s anything to her.

She says Summer is always around her but he didn’t let her know. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. She asked if there was anyone like Paritosh in his life too. He says he has no one and will let her know first if anything happens in the future.

She says she won’t stop her kids from flying high but sometimes they have to go downstairs to meet her. She says she also wants to befriend her daughter. Summer praises her thoughts.

Summer asks what to do with her first paycheck. She has decided to buy a necklace for Vanraj and she has already told what to take for her family members. Asks her what she wants to buy for her. Everything she has said so far is just for her.

He gives her a checkbook and says that he has already created a bank account for her. He asked her to sign her first check for him. She signed it and thanked him. She asked him about Paritosh’s girlfriend. He says he met her once and she’s fine. She says Paritosh’s choice just isn’t right. He says she is the daughter of Paritosh’s coaching center owner.

The next day, Paritosh apologized to Anupam. Vanraj says he should meet Kinjal’s family. She asks him to invite her and leaves. Paritosh says that he is happy that Kinjal’s family wants to meet Vanraj but he is worried as her family is well educated. Vanraj understands that he is talking about Anupama and says that she can be but Anupama is his mother.

Anupama thinks that now that she is working, her children will not be ashamed to introduce her. Paritosh says that just like him, he may be afraid to introduce Anupama to others. Vanraj says he has no solution to the problem. Paritosh says he has a solution and he asks him to speak to Kavya.

Vanraj says how can they involve the crows in their family affairs. Paritosh says that Anupama knows nothing but cooking. Vanraj says it is not funny that he is talking about the relationship between the two families and Kavya is not his family. Paritosh says that for him, the fun of a bird is more important than his relationship. Vanraj says this is not the case. Partosh says that he always loves birds more and leaves in anger.

Anupamana saw 2 movie tickets in Vanraj’s bag and inquired about it. He says he went with the client. The headmaster calls Anupama and tells her to go to school earlier than usual due to the investigation. Anupama thinks how she will manage but she has to go because it is a matter of school reputation.

Sanjay comes there with Minu and says that she missed her school bus today so there is no school for her. Vanraj says then Minu will be her full day.

Leela asks Anupama to prepare breakfast for Sanjay. Sanjay saw Anupama worried while cooking. He says she’s like his sister and asks what’s the problem. She tells him everything. He says he will wait until she comes back and he can go to the office one day late.

He says she sacrificed many times for Minu and for the first time she got a chance to do something for him. Leela asks, who will take care of Minu if Anupama goes to school? Sanjay says he doesn’t have to go to the office today and Meenu also wanted to go to the park so she will take him there. Kavya arranged to go to the Mumbai Conference. Knowing this, Vanraj got angry. She says she can handle herself. Vanraj asked Anupama to prepare a traditional meal for four people.

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