Anupamaa Today Episode 3 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 3 August 2020, Anupama asks Samar about English sentences. She says I will be Kinjal’s BFF. Summer tells her to go and sit down, he will make coffee for Dad. She says I will come now. When Paritosh has to make a decision, Samar says that Vanraj will not miss Mummy.

Anupama makes coffee. She says I will tell Kinjal to leave the study, I will take care of everything at home. Anupama goes. Kavya said that Paritosh and Kinjal should go abroad for study. Kinjal’s mother said that we felt the same way, we can also sponsor Paritosh.

Vanraj says it should be their decision. Kavya says yes, but we can guide. Sameer asks Anupama to sit down and talk to Kinjal. Kinjal finally says, I got a chance to talk to you. Ba asks Anupam to see if the guests want anything. Pramod says we don’t want anything.

Kinjal says, Baba doesn’t like outside food, he likes Indian food. Ba says that Anupama was late today, otherwise you would have got a desi Gujarati meal. Mama says she was late because she does the job. Kinjal’s mother said it’s nice, I didn’t think you were coming from the office. Mama says she is a teacher.

Kinjal’s mother is very sorry, it seems, it doesn’t look like that, did you study BEd or Masters? Vanraj asks what are we talking about now, we were talking about Paritosh and Kinjal. Kinjal’s mother says that we should know about the family, what Anupama deserves. Ba said she had just graduated from high school. Vanraj thinks that if something goes wrong, Paritosh will be upset. Ba said she is teaching cooking, a part-time job. Summer says that Anupama takes a job at SEPW, the principal gave her the job. Mama said Anupama wanted to study, but she got married and dropped out. Ba joke. Summer says she would have been better off if she had studied.

Kinjal’s mother says but she is not, Paritosh was not telling me that his mother is not a graduate either. She thinks housewives are elite, but this illiterate woman can’t be my kinjal’s mother-in-law. Paritosh and Kinjal go to their room. She says treat yourself, we are not married. She gives him a flying kiss. She loves his room. He says his summer and my room but after the wedding it will be ours, how is it. She says I love hearing this again. He says I know this house is not as big as yours. As soon as you live here, she said she is beautiful. He showers flowers on her. She told him not to wear plastic flowers. He asks for a kiss. She says I won’t, why didn’t you tell me that your mother is not a graduate either. “It doesn’t matter, I’m a gold medalist in B.Com,” he says. She says it doesn’t matter to me, but mom will decide, education has a lot of influence on her, if she has any problem in our relationship then I can’t go against my parents, I really love you, but I love my parents too . Summer and birds come and bother them. Pramod says let’s go now. Vanraj asks him to call Kavya for a lecture. Pramod asks when you will invite us for lunch, we want to prepare the meal accordingly. Kinjal’s mother Rakhi asks what is the rush of investment, we have come to meet all of you. Paritosh touches their feet. Rakhi said you have to move forward with time. Anupama says but the values ​​should be there.

Vanraj says Kinjal, keep this omen. Kinjal says he doesn’t need it. Anupama says think of it as a blessing and keep it. Kinjal takes the money. Pakhi says I am very excited. Rakhi says you have to go, you have to walk to your car. Pramod says we will leave. Kavya asked Pakhi to thank him for speaking at Paritosh’s house. Anupama looks sad. Summer’s phone comes and goes. Vanraj and Kavya discuss Kinjal’s parents. Kavya says I should leave now. Paritosh asks Bala why you told him about your mother’s education. Anupama stops him. Paritosh says sorry, my marriage will not happen because of this. Anupama says that it is true, there is nothing new to be ashamed of Anupama, we could hide it now. Ba says the truth cannot be hidden. Paritosh says Kinjal’s mother owns a coaching center, my mother is a normal housewife, she was impressed with Kavya, once you were Alice, everything went wrong. Anupama was sad. Pakhi says he is right, I am ashamed of what happened at school today. Summer comes and asks what happened at school. The principal fired Mummy. They were shocked. What Summer asks, but why.

Vanraj says you got the job, fired you the next day. Anupama says I was cooking and arrived home late. Vanraj says I told you I am responsible for this. She says I don’t blame you. He says maybe they didn’t like your work and fired you, you can’t do any work, just do what you know. Ba is right. Vanraj says I hope you learn from your mistakes and repeat them. Anupama said this time, I am not wrong. Vanraj and everyone looks at her.

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