Anupamaa Today Episode 30 July 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 30 July 2020, Vanraj says it should be tasty about his reputation. Leela said she would prepare the food because Anupam would have to go to school. Vanraj asks why she is in school this time? Summer says the school has an emergency check-in so Anupam will arrive earlier than usual.

Vanraj asks why she didn’t tell him. Anupamma says she did while she was going out. He says he didn’t listen and angrily says she can go if she wants to. Principal Anupamma says if she does not reach the school on time, she will be unprofessional.

Vanraj says that Samar does nothing but eat and now he will teach him about professionalism. Anupamma tells Vanraj not to get angry so she will prepare the food. Vanraj says Kavya and customers can reach home anytime. He says her first responsibility is home and she has a habit of seeing her at home.

Anupamma smiles at him and remembers the principal and his words. Leela tells Anupamma to remember whose job is more important and she says that there is a big difference between her job with a salary of Rs 5,000 and Vanraj’s job with an increase of Rs 5 lakh.

Anupamma said she would handle everything and start preparing. Sameer says Anupam knows everything but doesn’t even know how to say no. Vanraj says his customers are very important so taste the food. Summer murmurs No one sees the problem of incomparability.

Sanjay tells him that if she is seen by everyone, she is a big deal in herself and leaves with Minu. Summer asks Anupam to handle the cooking, he will decorate. Vanraj mocked Samar for decorating. Summer says he’s just helping his mom. Anupamma asks Jillmill to give her a meal. Vanraj’s customers appreciate the supporters for greeting him in the traditional way. Jayaraj has a summer complaint that Vanraj did not introduce Anupam to his customers.

The principal was worried that Anupamma had not yet reached the school. The principal’s assistant says the principal made a mistake by believing in the wife of the common house. The principal says the housewife’s wife is not normal and she believes that Anupam will definitely arrive on time.

Kavya told Anupamma to go to school and she handled the rest. Vanraj and his clients were impressed by the decoration and food. Vanraj’s customers appreciate the food and ask Vanraj to call his wife. Vanraj introduces Anupam to his customers half-heartedly. Vanraj’s customers appreciate her food very much. Vanraj says that Anupamma does not take care of him.

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