Anupamaa Today Episode 31 August 2020

Anupamaa Today Episode 31 August 2020, Anupama tells Vanraj that Pakhi is unhappy and has not eaten well because he scolded her in front of everyone in the case of his friend.

She says that Samar, Paritosh and Vanraj’s friends also come to her house.

Vanraj asks if he is wrong to say and Pakhi is right. She says that time is changing now, so they too should trust Pakhi like Samar and Paritosh.

He says Pakhi is now a child, she does not know what is right and wrong.

He says that if she is Pakhi’s mother then she is also his father and he knows how to understand her.

She says when a father scolds it affects children more when a mother scolds them. He says that he may have forgiven Pakhi for his mistake, but she talks Back to him.

He tells her not to support him. She says that she corrected Pakhi by scolding him but he also has to explain. He agrees to talk to Pakhi. She also wants to talk about Paritosh and Kinjal.

He says that if a child makes a mistake then his mother is also responsible for it, because if they have to face humiliation because of their mistake, they did not forgive him and left.

She thinks that this is not the right time to talk about Paritosh’s marriage and says that she will keep the promise she made with him.

Summer asks what happened to Paritosh after watching him play the guitar as he plays whenever he is depressed. Paritosh tells him that nothing has happened, which he is worried about.

He says that she left Kinjal’s house keeping Anupama’s promise but she is not talking about her marriage to Vanraj. He says that he knows that Vanraj is angry now but Anupama is not even starting her marriage talks.

Samar says that Anupama will keep her promise and asks him to trust her. He says that he will keep trying until Paritosh finds his happiness and he says that he is expecting a lot from her.

Paritosh says that Samar does not understand her situation anymore because she is not the one who is in love. He feels that he made a mistake by coming back. He says that he needs Kinjal in his life and he cannot live without him.

The next day, Vanraj tries to talk with Pakhi but she survives him. Anupama gets worried after seeing this.

She asks Leela when they have to start the topic of Paritosh and Kinjal’s wedding. Paristosh smiled upon hearing her.

Anupama says that they can go to Kinjal’s house when Vanaraja is closed. Vanraj says that he did not go there, but that Kinjal’s family can come to his house to talk about marriage.

Leela says that they are the groom’s family, so Kinjal’s family is about to come to her house. Paritosh asks what would happen if Kinjal’s family refused to come. Vanraj asks her to eat quietly.

Paritosh says that he needs answers to his question. Leela says when the elders talk about why he is interfering. Paritosh says that his decision affects his life so he knows every right.

Vanraj scolds him for his attitude and says that he does not even care about his parents. He says that he will handle it in his own way.

Paritosh says that Vanraj does not know how to handle it, so everything is already messed up. Anupama scolds Paritosh and says that if Vanraj is saying she will handle him.

Paritosh says that Anupama lies to her and she should not have believed him without thinking. He says that nobody has heard of Anupama till now, so why would they do it now.

And says that everyone just cares about themselves, no one thinks about that. He says that Anupama brought her back to Vanraj’s happiness.

He says that even Vanraj does not give importance to him, then why would he listen to him. He says that he made a big mistake by trusting him. Vanraj and Leela accuse Anupama that the fight took place because she had started marriage talks.

Samar consoles Anupama and says that Paritosh is behaving strangely these days and says that he is worried that Paritosh has taken the wrong decision.

She tells him to follow Paritosh. Pakhi comes back saying that she missed school because no one cared about her. She says that Anupama’s first priority was always summer, then Paritosh and finally her name comes.

Anupama tries to convince her that when Kavya comes there. Kavya says whether or not she came to settle Nandini in her new house and Vanraj tells her that they can go together.

Anupama says that she already left for office. Pakhi made fun of Kavya. Kavya gets angry and says that Pakhi cannot speak with her in this tone and also with Anupama.

Pakhi apologizes to Kavya and says that Anupama cannot help her, now only Kavya can help her and tells her about Vanraj’s double standard behavior.

She asks him to explain that a man and girl like Vanraj and Kavya can only be friends.

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